Extreme Cases of Demon Possession

I have been performing exorcisms around the globe for many years and have seen many thousands find liberation from evil spirits. Most of the exorcisms I have conducted over the years have but lasted less than a few hours. A handful involved several meetings spanning a few months. Then there have been some cases that involved years of direct involvement. These cases usually involved some deep dissociation concerns.

In such cases the kind of evil spirits that I was dealing with do not go out except by prayer and fasting. These are severe cases involving powerful demons. Jesus has dealt with such spirits. It was recorded in Holy Scripture that on a few occasions Jesus’ disciples had also encountered some of these kinds of demons. In some severe cases of demonic enslavement there is a call for more prayer and only then will deliverance be achieved.

As I mentioned I have dealt with a few very extreme cases of demonic possession that literally took years to resolve and in each case it was prevailing prayer that brought forth the victory, sometimes fasting for days. In these cases perseverance in prayer is the key to victory. We are involved in an incredible spiritual war that sometimes involves some very powerful demons that are not easily defeated. There is a cost and many are not willing to count the cost, but if one presses on, victory will be a reality, which will result in the glorification of Jesus Christ. Perseverance is a key to victory.

As Jesus told His disciples who were dealing with a severe case of demonic possession, “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.” There is no easier solution – we must not take the road to less resistance. We must stand firm in our faith that nothing is impossible for God and His Son will prevail. We must pray with perseverance until victory in realized.

It’s important those whom minister in deliverance know that the whole process is a mystery, whereby the Holy Trinity liberates a soul from demonic bondage. We will not know all things, it is what it is so we might totally trust Him who delivers!