Horrific Visit

I’ll never forget the visit.

It was…
Sad. Dreary. Dark. Haunted. Pure Evil. Gruesome. Satanic.

I along with some German friends, a few years back, visited one of the largest concentration death camps established by the demonized Nazis ~Buckenwald.

I’ve traveled to some pretty spiritually dark places in the world — the voodoo temples where human sacrifices are still practiced today in Haiti and Africa, Hindu ritual sites in Asia, and this place called Buckenwald located eastern Germany.

In this place there were many who died as a result of hellish human experimentations. Elizabeth and I walked on the grounds of this death camp and I was reminded of some things by our loving Lord Jesus…

  • Evil knows no limits to the depths it can obtain. Satan and his demons are wicked and murderous. I have seen their work in the death chambers & crematoriums of Buchenwald  We must take seriously his work and work against it in Jesus name!
  • Evil likes to hide. It was interesting to find out while there that many villagers of the town that were down the mountain never knew of this camp that was in their midst. There are evil people lurking, evil camps, and evil spirits in our midst. As Jesus reminded us, be “watchful.” Let’s shine the light of Jesus in these dark elements of our world.
  • Evil is active. Actual people (controlled & driven by demons) created these camps. We need to be mindful that evil isn’t simply a theory, it IS an action. People are plotting to DO evil and are accomplishing evil. (My friends, as I write this, I am surrounded by numerous murderous threats of the enemy. Evil is active, my friends, in our midst. Just last night a cult member controlled by demons violently hit my head with extreme force. But, by God’s power, I felt little of it! Praise the Living King Jesus).
  • Evil is systematic and conspires. The Nazis conspired against the Jews. Buchenwald is seen as a piece of their evil puzzle. Buchenwald was created, systematically, by the evil dark forces of Satan. Evil conspires. Psalms 64 clearly bears this out. (My friends, there is a group of people, as I write this, conspiring to kill me. This evil is real my friends, it IS real).
  • Good will overcome evil. Though Buchenwald killed tens of thousands, it no longer does! The gracious Lord used the Allieds and they rescued those in the camp and closed the death chambers! We know as believers in the risen Jesus that evil will one day cease in the New City! All demons, curses, the anti-Christ, etc will be thrown into the lake of fire forevermore and we will be with Jesus forevermore!