I was born in 1839

Recently, I was involved in an exorcism that lasted many hours, encountering numerous evil spirits. Though we have been ministering to this individual for a long time, we had not up to this time dealt with an ancestral dissociative identity. But on this night, an ancestral dissociative identity surfaced as we stumbled on some hidden information that a demon power named, “army” possessed. There were 1000 of these spirits and they were holding onto a ancestral part (no wonder prior to this night we didn’t know about this part as so many demons were hiding this broken ancestral part) but after casting some of them out and weakening them, we commanded the army powers to release the ancestral part.

The ancestral part surfaced and had a Sicilian like accent (I have traveled & spent time in Southern Italy so I picked up on it right away. This part revealed she was born in November 1839 and described in vivid details her village in Sicily and the individual that she belonged to. It was amazing. She also revealed there is another ancestral part within this lady that’s a boy that SPEAKS 6 LANGUAGES! I can assure you this individual doesn’t even speak two languages let alone 6!!!

This ancestral part had NO idea where she was at and why! In fact, she was so happy to released from the army spirits that had her bound for so long! What a victory!

Often times in dealing with individuals with severe dissociation and demonization, it might take persistence to uncover the deeper realms of the soul nature that contain ancestral dissociative identities. Be patient and persistent in the Holy Spirit and God will uncover all that which is in the darkness!