Illuminati, Nazism, and Major Traumatization

The Sacred Scripture reminds us that evil people conspire, there are groups of evil doers that seek to inflict great harm (and major traumatization) upon the Body of Christ but the gates of hell will not prevail!

In Psalm 71:10, “For my enemies speak against me; those who wait to kill me conspire together.”

But we must be of good cheer as our King Jesus is Lord over all ~ the seen and unseen~ and will reign forevermore.

Some of these evil doers include the Illuminati, the Nazis, miltiant fanatical Islam, Facists, etc. They conspire night and day. I know as they conspire against me. By the power of the holy atoning blood of Jesus, I have survived numerous assassination attempts by sadistic sects (I was even threatened with bodily harm at an Islamic conference and was forcibly taken into a holding room), who have conspired against the exorcism ministry. I have been receiving death threats for 20 years. This evil is real and is destroying many.

In recent weeks, we have been confronting some very strong spiritual forces. They have been violent but God has been gracious. We have been driving out thousands and thousands of evil spirits. My wife has probably driven out a little over 10,000 demonic spirits in a few ladies in the past couple weeks.

Some of the demons we are encountering include Nazi demons, Illuminati spirits, and high level mind control spirits. In fact, one lady who has met with us has decided to stay at the safe house as she is in extreme danger from the Illuminati and a group of them are in the process of locating her at this very moment. But God is protecting and delivering as seen in a recent exorcism with this lady:

“I’m a spirit from Josef Mengele,” the demon angrily spoke to me as I commanded to know his identity in Jesus name.

“I entered her ancestor in Europe as she was abused by him,” the evil spirit revealed to me.

The demon within this Josef Mengele passed onto the this lady’s ancestor thereby traveling through the family bloodline. With the demon came a series of some very complex programming. This demon was driven out in Jesus name!

This is the same man, Dr. Josef Mengele, a Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau doctor, who was known as the “angel of death”. He onced, “burned several Jewish prisoners in a gigantic oven to test how long it would take for the human body to get first, second and third degree burns at certain temperatures. He also tested how much force it would require to break a human skull.”