I’m Azur

Recently, I was thrusted in a very intense exorcism involving an lady that is being horribly tortured by evil spirits. The demons are located within her head and cause her to snap her head in various directions in some very dangerous speeds causing her some horrible neck problems.

A evil demon surfaced while praying with her.

“I’m not leaving,” the demon told me.

“Yes, you are!” I informed the wicked spirit.

I commanded the demon to tell me it’s name & why it was in this lady’s body.

“I’m Azur.”

He went on…

“I’ve been here a long time and I came through her father as a result of his immorality.”

I called forth the lady from her demonized coma state.

I led this dear woman in prayer, renouncing the generational curse through the blood of Jesus.

The curse was broken and the demon groaned knowing what would occur next!

I commanded Azur to leave & to go to the pit! He left but more spirits remain but her head is feeling much better and the violence to her body has considerably diminished.