Places of Dread

Have you ever been in a place, an environment where death, dread and terror reigned? I recall just being in a car years ago, waiting at a stop light, with a friend, when all of a sudden a wave of dread came upon us both at the same time. It was surreal but very substantial as it afflicted us both and we both became depressed. Within minutes of experiencing this and wondering outloud how this could be we rebuked the dread and it vanished.

Recently, my sister and I were on the phone recalling some of our experiences being raised, in the Illuminati and attending some of the meetings and rituals. We were so blinded. We weren’t phased by it largely as it was all we knew. We both attended meetings where luciferian spirits were called upon and satanic ceremonies were witnessed. We did recall attending a very private meeting in a Masonic Temple in Ft Myers, Florida and I vividly remember even to this day walking into the room and having everyone (perhaps 20 or so) turning and looking at me with DREAD and DEATH in their eyes. I was but a little boy but the spirit of dread was so real and it bothered me. I thought, this place is like a funeral home. It was! Everyone was DEAD spiritually! The feeling of dread was powerful. Years later I was delivered from this dread!

For years I have been active in the pro-life movement. I have spoken out on abortion on radio numerous times, and have even protested some abortion clinics. One time I was with Flip Benham who was President with Operation Rescue and we stood outside a abortion clinic and felt the DREAD, the DEATH. My eyes welled up with tears as the spirits of death were working so powerfully in the death building. I witnessed ladies (with their boyfriends and husbands) with their unborn babies entering the building and the spirits just rising up so powerfully. It broke my heart. God loves these dear people! Jesus cries too!

I have visited concentration camps in Eastern Europe, standing at the doors of the ovens where precious Jewish littles ones were placed in, voodoo sacrifical sites in Western Africa, where human sacrifice is still practiced in our day, Hindu Temples in Southeast Asia, where people sacrifice so much to gruesome demon gods, and Satanic Ritual sites in America and have experienced this dread. Just being in the environment of death brings dread. This dread unless it’s rebuked harshly in the authority of Jesus Christ will remain upon you and cause depression and other emotional ills. The joy of the Holy Spirit is available to those who call upon Him to replace the dread! Amen!