Who would want my Holy Communion Set?

We have gone through some very intense attacks recently but a very recent attack was quite bizarre.

A few nights ago, my Jeep was broken into (my back window smashed). One might say that happens but what’s very strange about this break in was this:

-The only items that were stolen= my small New Testament and my small Holy Communion set. Hmmmm…who would want a Bible and a Holy Communion set?

-What’s even stranger was about a month ago a Nazi demon spoke to me out of a lady (who is from NYC) and told me boldly, “We want to take Bibles from the Christians.” Hmmm…

-What’s even stranger is what was in my New Testament…a piece of paper that contained the numbers of a family I’m ministering to and all of their contact information. When I phoned them (I did have their number in my cell) they shared how intensely Satan had been attacking them. Hmmm…