“Jay, I’m sorry for inviting you to the lion’s den but…”

I have still been pondering all of the things that took place in Mississippi a few nights ago. In fact, during the afternoon, I received a email from the disciple who coordinated my visit to their community. Essentially, she apologized for inviting me into a lion’s den. Her exact words were: “sorry for inviting you to the lion’s den but…”

But….I’m happy souls were set FREE! Amen! Me too!

No need to apologize. I understood what she meant. She had no idea this kind of high level violence would take place. It did feel like a lion’s den in many ways. Though God was faithful to sustain me in the midst of great physical and spiritual violence. She knew I had been injured as she kept on providing me band-aids throughout the night. God has been gracious to heal me and I’m feeling so much better.

 So…allow me to share more of what transpired in Rosedale (if you haven’t read that first report; please do so by clicking here).

As reported in my last email update, the viciousness of the demonic spirits that surfaced were startling. I war against the kingdom of darkness all the time and yet this spiritual conflict in Rosedale was extremely violent. The public exorcisms in Rosedale were similar to the intense ones I have encountered in Asia and Africa –in regions where blood lust was all too often common in armed conflicts and pagan rituals.

Some of the strongest spirits I have ever battled against, in all of my years of ministry, have been these kinds of killing spirits. I recall in one exorcism, here in America, it took me more than 3 months to drive out one single demon named, “Kill.” In yet another exorcism, I recall vividly an encounter I had with a spirit named “Slayer of Millions,” who actually killed their victim (whom I was ministering to) during the exorcism. However in Jesus name we were able to raise the woman back from the dead. I can recall some very violent exorcisms I have perfumed in Asia and Africa where I encountered these kinds of demons. This is serious warfare.

Nearly every single person I ministered to, in Rosedale, manifested very strong and aggressive demonic spirits. This community is spiritually drenched with these kinds of demons. Many of these spirits were named: murder and death. However, the power and the love of Jesus only intensified as the night went on and defeated these unholy spirits.

After teaching from God’s Word, I began to lead the assembly in prayers to break off death curses. As I was leading everyone in some prayers, demons were becoming furious. Disciples were describing the various spiritual attacks they were enduring through. One lady in the back of the sanctuary grabbed my attention. She was experiencing some destructive attacks. As we began to minister to this young woman she revealed she had been struggling with having horrific dreams of killing people and hurting people. In fact, she was having images, throughout the day, of killing people. Now, that’s a serious problem.

Within seconds of praying for her, demons wildly surfaced. With murderous rage, they spoke to me and warned me, “WE are not leaving!”

I began to employ the various spiritual weapons at our disposal and immediately the demons went berserk. Now, when I say berserk, I mean off the charts berserk. The demons were ripping off large chunks of her hair from her scalp. They were tearing off her clothes and hitting her body. They wanted to choke her and hurt her. I sprinkled the fire of the Holy Spirit (the holy anointing oil upon the demons) upon the invading enemies and they shrieked. They threw her to the ground numerous times and used her to attack others in the sanctuary. A few times they lunged at me, kicking me, assaulting me and ripping my shirt. At one point they were able to take ahold of one of my fingers and was about to eat it. I literally had to use my other hand and force the demons to release my right middle finger.

This was the start of the evening ministry session. I had my spiritual hands full from the start and the violence never really let up. It only intensified. Allow me to share.

  • Many 100,000’s of the violent demons named: murder, violence, bloodshed, killing, blood lust and obviously the demon Jezebel surfaced
  • For hours, these murderous spirits created havoc; causing their victims to fall down, on the floor, repeatedly
  • For hours, the demons physically assaulted me in some form
  • For hours, the demons literally threw their victims (multiple people whom we ministered to) around the large sanctuary –on the ground, against walls, against the pews, on chairs, etc
  • For hours, we witnessed the angels warring against the demons; assisting me in restraining the evil spirits
  • For hours, I utilized the fire of the Holy Spirit; greatly weakening them
  • For hours, I utilized the blood of Jesus; greatly weakening them
  • For hours, the demons battled but lost

At one point, during the exorcism, her body contorted in a very eerie manner –similar to the infamous spider-walk; as dramatically seen in the original Exorcist movie– in a backward-arched position. The invading demons even placed their hands on the wall, perhaps in an attempt to scale the wall in this kind of strange position. We stopped the demon from doing such a thing in Jesus name! They fell back to the ground.

The supernatural strength of the spirits I battled against was stunning. I had great difficulty in maintaing the demonic physicality through the night. The holy angels, greatly assisted me, but were often times, hindered (like what occurred in Daniel 10). There were legions of these satanic forces hell-bent on fighting me. I would often resort to sprinkling the holy oil on the invading demons; they responded with great groans and moans. They pleaded with me to stop torturing them. I recall one demon wanting to negotiate with me.

“I’ll give you; my spiritual rings I placed on her fingers; if you will just leave me alone,” the demons asked of me.

No deals with demons. Not only did I want the demons removed; I also wanted everything expelled that the demons brought into their victims. As the night went on, the demons finally grew weaker, as we wore them down (utilizing my holy cross, blessed water, the Scriptures, etc); but it required us being persistent and fighting in the power of the Holy Spirit.

During the night, we encountered 100,000’s demons. All of them were expelled and sent to the pit in Jesus name! We also encountered little broken heart parts and some human interjects. The parts were guided to Jesus for healing and the interjects sent to Jesus! Precious disciples were happy to be freed on this night! However, there is so much more work that needs to take place in this community. I wanted to share more amazing miracles of God’s deliverance and healing. However it’s getting late; I must rest. I look forward to returning to Mississippi in the Fall by God’s grace.