Dying Baby Raised to Life, Blind See, Demons Flee in Witchcraft-Dominated Zimbabwe

One very important aspect of our international mission is about equipping the Body of Christ to carry on the works of Jesus. We have trained many thousands over the years and currently have nearly 150 disciples (most were given free scholarships as they demonstrated a seriousness in the Kingdom of God) on 5 different continents, enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center, that is training the church on how to evangelize, cast out demons, cure the sick and heal broken hearts. That last aspect makes our training center unique among all other training centers throughout the Christian world. We intersect evangelistic training with deep insight into the ministry of inner healing such as how to deal with human interjects and animal soul parts. We also equip the church through our public meetings where we demonstrate the power of God over the powers of demons. These demonstrations allow me to teach along with ministering to the afflicted.

A group of pastors, last year, traveled in from various African nations, some very long distances, to attend our South Africa meetings resulting in them receiving deeper training. Which is now resulting in some unusual miracles taking place. They are returning back to their churches and carrying out the miracle working power of Jesus at even greater levels. Some of these miracle reports are spectacular.
Before I share a most unusual testimony I received the other day from Southern Africa, allow me this opportunity to preface, by saying that only through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ can one be healed. I do not heal; Jesus heals. However, our Lord does use His children (such as me and thousands of other disciples throughout the world) to carry out miracles; even extraordinary miracles (which you will read about in a moment). One glance at John 14:12 points to the reality of God’s desire to use His children in bringing forth miracles. Sometimes, miracles take place in a very unusual manner such as seen in Acts 19 where the apostle Paul utilized “aprons,” and “handkerchiefs,” that were touched by him to cure the sick and demonized. As these items touched the afflicted; they would experience a supernatural healing. I have seen these kinds of extraordinary miracles for many years, throughout the world, in our public and private meetings. Some of these signs and wonders have been stunning displays of God’s power.
The report you will read, in a moment, was sent to me just recently. It will include extraordinary miracles, such as seen in Acts 19, where an African pastor has been utilizing some evangelistic promotional pictures of me (that include me holding forth a cross) and seeing many being cured of various maladies. If the apostle Paul used cloth like substances to bring healing and the apostle Peter used his shadow to cure souls; then it’s not difficult to believe a promotional poster, with a cross on it, can be used by God to bring forth mighty miracles.
This pastor is one of the ministers who have aligned themselves with our international mission. In fact, I met this dear brother in South Africa last year. He attended many of our public meetings and training seminars and was deeply impacted by our ministry of miracles. We spent some personal time with this pastor and he is rock solid for Jesus. As a overseer of many churches, in multiple nations throughout the region, he has been busy ensuring his churches, located in several nations, are carrying on the work of deliverance and healing. He is constantly casting out demons in Jesus name.
He wrote the following miracle report (I edited portions, of the report, to correct some spelling/grammatical errors):
“Dear Apostle Jay –Another tour of the Church of the Cross in Zimbabwe, Africa. I visited one of our churches in Zimbabwe from 7-22 August 2014. I give glory and honor to God, where God is leading the Church of the Cross from one level to another. A interesting and paramount part of the ministry is using your picture, apostle Jay Bartlett, with miracle and wonders of God taking place; bringing healing.
One girl from Nyamandlovhu couldn’t speak and hear before she was prayed for and God healed her. She is now speaking and hearing. Two people from Ndinaneni received sight and deliverance from demonic spirits after showing them a Jay Bartlett picture. The demons began screaming saying, “…remove this picture it’s burning me.” Then I commanded blindness spirit to go to bottomless pit. Other women were healed from chest and side pains. 
One woman healed from rash all over her body; then I say look at this picture (Jay‘s note: a evangelistic promotional picture of me). 
When she looked at Jay‘s photo; a demon of rash began to cry and say, “…why are you tormenting us,” the demon continued on to say, “Jay leave us alone.” 
Baby from Pome area was about to die; family members were gathering, then the elder man called me to the family house. I tookJay‘s picture. I placed the picture on baby body, then I command the demon of death to go in Jesus Name and the baby awoke and many people praise God. Another baby from Pome was unable to sit or eat; she was vomiting but God healed her. 
There was a 65 year old man in Ndinaneni received sight. One woman she was not eat meat or vegetable cooked with oil even drop of oil for the past 40 years after I instructed her if she touch picture she will be delivered. The woman touched the picture. After touching she began shivering and she is totally delivered from demons; she is now eat meat and vegetable cooked with oil. 
Glory to GOD. I want to thank God, whom Jay Bartlett is worshiping, because many people were delivered through laying upon ofJay‘s picture in Jesus Name. Many people were delivered from demonic spirits and sicknesses.”
These kinds of unusual miracles mark our mission. We welcome the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in our midst and He is pleased to display His holy power in our meetings. I’m merely a servant of the Lord but rejoice in all of these great miracles taking place. Praise be God!