Baal Defeated; Arabic-Speaking Ancestral Dissociative Identities Surfaced, Including a Martyr from the 15th Century! Fascinating Ministry Session in Southern California

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Our international mission has extensively, over the years, reached into the Middle East; thus reaching many Muslims for the Lord Jesus. We have made more than 12 trips into the Middle East, in the past several years, which has allowed us to spread the gospel throughout this region. We have conducted open air evangelistic meetings; house church meetings, and deliverance services. Many residing in the Middle East inquire of our services and assistance. There is a great need for the love of Jesus to expand in this region of the earth.

Moreover, we have reached many from the Middle East; as we travel throughout the world conducting missions. Even yesterday, here in Southern California, we reached out to a 65 year old Lebanese woman who had many ancestral dissociative identities; including some Arabic-speaking identities that spoke to me in Arabic. Fascinating. Allow me to share.

While traveling from Orange, Beach, Alabama to the airport in Gulfport, Mississippi, after some private meetings in the deep South, I spoke on the phone to a precious Lebanese disciple, who called our toll-free phone line, who is truly committed to serving Jesus. Yet, she has faced a number of spiritual difficulties; thus her call. She requested urgent prayer. She lived in the Los Angeles area so we were able to schedule a meeting with her. God ordained for sure.

This dear woman, whom I’ll refer to as Debbie, is a strong disciple of the Lord, who consistently shares her faith wherever she goes in her daily life. She shared one testimony after another of lives being transformed (her husband works in the entertainment industry; thus their evangelistic outreach to actresses and actors) and healed as a result of her personal ministry. No wonder, she has been a target of satanic assault. As I began to pray for her; a little heart part, only 7 years of age surfaced; she had been deeply wounded because her mother had been abusive and cruel. The little one surfaced with great pain and hurt. She couldn’t see any light but darkness (the demons) so I began to confront the powers of darkness; numerous evil spirits surfaced from within her including the ancient spirits of Jezebel and Baal.

“We have been here for more than 50 generations, because her family practiced ancestral worship and worshipped idols,” the demonic spirits revealed to me, “We bring torment, doubt, and fear. We must stop her as she’s dangerous.”

AH! The demons remarked, “how she’s dangerous.” Interesting. She is dangerous to them; as she continues to preach the gospel wherever she goes. No wonder the enemies have been conspiring against her; she is a threat to their very existence.

“We make her feel the pain; we like tormenting her husband too,” the demons confessed, “We sent a fiery dart into his right foot to torment him. We make him tired.”

 Devils are ruthless and will attack even the most committed disciple of the Lord. With Debbie, the demons referred to a very strange accident she had some years earlier (that they were behind) that brought tremendous fear into her life thus deepening their hold.

“She’s had pastors and ministers, even well-known ones, but we hid,” the demons boasted, “They weren’t persistent and they had their egos that hindered them.”

Wow! I see this all of the time. Demons hiding to conceal their work lest they be exposed to the light of Jesus. Debbie had many ministers counsel her but to no avail as the ministers simply offered a quick prayer and never delved deeply into her soul to investigate her life. Thus her continued unresolved bondage. Look, we are all needing the mercy of God. Many ministers, have good hearts, they just don’t understand the complexities of dissociation and ancestral demonization thus they are often ineffective in assisting the demonized. I’m thankful we had the opportunity to intervene in her life.

Not only were there many hundreds of these Baal and Jezebel spirits; there were also numerous ancestral dissociative identities that were being held captive by these vicious demons. We commanded these demons to release these ancestral parts and they quickly surfaced.

 A 20 year old woman who died of a disease back in the 1100′s

A 13 year old boy who was killed by the sword in 1250.

A 20 year old woman who died while giving birth in 1400.

A 40 year old man who died of disease in the 1400′s.

A 30 year old lady who died as a result of an “infection,” in 1480. This ancestral part revealed she had given her life to Christ as a early child and entered a Catholic convent and became a dedicated nun. This part confessed to her love for Jesus. It was a interesting conversation with this ancestral part. She revealed that many of the priests and nuns didn’t even know the Lord but “some” did and were committed to Jesus.

A 17 year old boy who died in the 1500′s during a war.

A 33 year old woman who died of a disease.

A 60 year old woman.

A 18 year old man who was killed centuries ago by Muslims because of his faith for Jesus. This Lebanese man was committed to Jesus; never rejecting the Lord. I spoke to him and could easily tell he was firmly dedicated to Jesus. He spoke some Arabic and revealed his love for Jesus.

A 31 year old woman named Mary who lived in the 1800′s; she had committed suicide. I spoke with her and it was revealed that she was given in marriage, “to the devil,” referring to her pre-arranged marriage to her husband her abused her horribly.

All of the parts were guided to Jesus; many of them thanking me for freeing them from the spiritual chains of Baal and Jezebel. However, a few of them revealed they did not know the Lord Jesus. These were sent to the Lord too. After these ancestral parts were removed; Debbie came back and remarked that she no idea these identities were living within her. Many of you reading this email update have this phenomena operating in your life too. This is why we encourage precious souls to schedule a Extraordinary Emergency Home Encounter so we delve deep into your life. Sometimes, public meetings can only go so far.

Not only were these dissociative identities removed (and heart parts healed); but also the many demons deeply rooted within her. Many of them went back thousands of years; some many hundreds of years. All of their darts, curses and sicknesses were bound to them in Jesus name! All of them were forced out of her body and sent to the pit in Jesus name! As Debbie returned to the surface, she revealed that her eyesight was now “clear.” She had been wearing glasses but once her deliverance took place; healing occurred. She could see without any issues. Another example of one’s eyesight healed by Jesus in one of our public and private meetings. She also testified of feeling pain FREE (no more pain!), light and peace. Debbie even looked different; she was shining the light of Jesus! Deliverance works! All praise to our Living God!