Explosive Exorcisms

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I am really spiritually refreshed; after tonight’s public mission here in Houston, Texas. We have started off 2015 with spiritual fireworks! It was an explosive, nearly 5 hour evening service, here in South Texas, as we conducted another deliverance meeting where souls gathered for freedom and healing.

After teaching the WORD and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray over those afflicted by demon powers. Numerous souls experienced freedom as we commanded demons to leave in Jesus name! In some cases, the demonic spirits exited out quickly. In other cases, we had to battle the forces of darkness. However, Jesus prevailed and great healing took place in many; including some ladies (pictured above) who were deeply impacted by the power and love of Jesus.

One precious lady, a member of a local Baptist church, we ministered to, had been a victim of witchcraft for years! But, no one in her church taught on the reality of witchcraft and how to overcome curses. Result? She suffered. Turns out this one lady had been victimized by witchcraft. Her neighbor was a practicing witch and was sending curses in an attempt to destroy her life and marriage. Moreover, not only did the witch send curses but she also invaded this woman as a ‘human interject’ (a person who interjects, a piece of themselves, spiritually, into another). The neighbor surfaced and spoke to me.

“I’m here because I hate her; I want to destroy her. I use witchcraft,” the neighbor boasted to me with anger.

I commanded this human interject (this neighbor) and the demon power, attached to this lady, out of her body. The demon to the pit; the human interject to Jesus! Both quickly left. After this woman was powerfully delivered; immediately great joy descended upon her and you could easily tell she had truly encountered the risen Savior! She was so happy!

Another lady we ministered to, was also another victim of witchcraft. As soon I prayed over her, the demons would cause her to fall down. They did this repeatedly. After battling witchcraft and sorcery; these spirits were also forced out in Jesus name! This woman was powerfully delivered too.

Yet, another woman, we ministered to, had been invaded by strong spirits of Jezebel and Baal. They had invaded her as a result of her oneness with her husband who still has unresolved demonic curses that were rooted in thousands of years of ancient idol-worship and paganism. As this woman broke off the curses from her husband; she encountered the power of Jesus. The demons of mind control, fear, torment, Jezebel, Baal were all commanded out of her in Jesus holy name! She was set free and also experienced deep inner healing as several dissociative identities surfaced including a little 3 year old that was extremely sad. They were all guided to Jesus for healing and comfort. This woman was not only set free but also testified of feeling no more physical pain also.

Towards the end of the service, we ministered to a young lady, whom I’ll refer to as Jessica. As I began to pray over her, powerful Hindu spirits surfaced from within her including Kundalini, Kali, and Shiva.

“We entered her because her mother-in-law honors us. Her house is filled with us,” they revealed.

Turns out, her mother-in-law, has within her home, numerous idols and pagan artifacts that opened Jessica to evil spirits whenever she would visit her. All of these spirits attached themselves to this woman and brought great suffering to her. Moreover, they spiritually chained her with numerous kinds of bondages.

As I battled these 1000′s of demons; they fought back. One group of demons were hell-bent on fighting me –the spirits of Satan. They surfaced and revealed they had been holding in captivity numerous broken heart parts that had been suffering for many years. In Jesus name, these heart parts were released and guided to Jesus for healing.

While in the midst of this intense spiritual war, I resorted to many spiritual weapons including the army of God’s holy angels. Many of them came and assisted me. They struck the demons and greatly weakened them. I also utilized the fire of the Holy Spirit and the holy cross of Jesus. Furthermore, I utilized blessed water and the Sword of the Spirit. Each of these weapons weakened the invading spirits. It was explosive to witness.

During Jessica’s exorcism –numerous demons sought to battle me. They screamed, they contorted her body. They twisted her limbs. They lost. Jesus prevailed. All of the fiery darts, afflictions, and bondages were removed from this woman in Jesus name including very long death cords. Not only were all of these demons cast out in Jesus name and sent to the pit; many heart parts were released and sent to Jesus.

When the broken heart parts were guided to Jesus; you should have seen the tremendous healing that took place. Jesus was truly present with us. They literally danced with Jesus. These precious little dissociative identities encountered true love –found only in Jesus! It was incredible to watch; as Jesus comforted these parts and healed them. They could see the risen Savior and were consoled.

After Jessica’s deliverance and healing; she was extremely happy and testified of feeling peace and joy —FREEDOM! Just take another glance at these beautiful sisters in the Lord (pictured above) and see the Jesus transformation.