After a series of meetings in West Hollywood we moved onward to the city of San Diego where it seems we always have great participation and more importantly we see great moves of the Holy Spirit. Here in San Diego it seems much more spiritually cleaner then in the Los Angeles area thus much more freedom to minister. We needed the ability to minister freely as we encountered some very strong demonic spirits within a lady named Nancy. Just before praying for everyone, I looked over to my right and in the back of the meeting hall was a Latino woman, perhaps in her late 40′s, that glared at me. It wasn’t her however. It was an evil spirit surfacing from within her. A vicious demon. A murderous demon. I asked the holy angels to carry this woman to the front. They did. I quickly discovered there were millions of demons within her. I wasn’t surprised when it was revealed she had been involved in a Santeria cult since birth. In fact, she was designated by the cult to be a breeder —to bear the babies and to terminate the pregnancies (however keeping the fetus; the baby for witchcraft purposes). Horrific. To give you the depth of the evil we were dealing with last night; allow me to share what else was uncovered:
  • We encountered millions of animal demons that acted like snakes. There were spirits of cobra, python, serpents and snakes. Moreover, there very strange sounding spirits named Frog (I actually battled him more then any other spirit during this exorcism).
  • There were thousands of demonic spirits named Baal, Moloch, Jezebel, Ahab, Death –so there were very powerful demons within this lady.
  • We encountered actual animal parts that had been placed within her by this sadistic cult that she was born into –there was parts of dog, horse, frog and fragments of bones within her. I was able to supernaturally dissolve ALL of these animal parts within her body with the fire of the Holy Spirit. The demonic spirits shrieked in agony as a result. It was stunning to witness.
  • She participated in the “Marriage of the Beast” ceremony as a little girl. 
  • Was present during the most horrific blood sacrifices imaginable; as a little girl, as her parents were involved in Santeria and voodoo.
  • Her ancestors performed Santeria dedication rituals that allowed millions of demons access into her bloodline.
  • There were thousands of ancestral heart parts that were encountered and released.
  • There were thousands of human interjects. I spoke to one named Jack. He was the leader within the satanic cult. He battled me but was forced out in Jesus name.
  • There were thousands of marine spirits that were expelled in Jesus name.
  • There were thousands of dissociative parts that were released in Jesus name. I spoke to a little 5 year old girl. She was so sad but was guided to Jesus and was able to be held by Him. It was beautiful to witness.
  • There were demons we confronted that were ancient familiar spirits. Some of them had been in the bloodline for thousands of years due to horrific ancestral blood rituals that was participated in.
  • We witnessed the incredible power of the Holy Spirit —as the fire of God fell upon my hand and the demons shrieked loudly when I directed the fire to them. Moreover, I called forth the holy angels of God and they struck the demons with their swords and spears. I even asked the holy angels to assist me in getting the demons to drink the blood of Christ. The demons were forced to drink and were greatly weakened. They spoke out and declared: “This is awful; it’s blood” and “I smell blood.”
  • The power of God rested upon me strongly to drive out millions upon millions of strong demons. All of them were commanded into the pit in Jesus name!
After the exorcism concluded Nancy resurfaced and was shining with the light of Jesus. She has miraculously delivered and healed. To think this woman had suffered for so long (and so much) brought such heartache to me. I am deeply concerned as the demons boasted how they had been isolating her for so long. Pray that this woman would find strong Christian friends to come along and to encourage her. To come from a family that is heavily involved into Santeria and the occult; she really does need our intercession. Join me, even now, in prayer for her, in Jesus name!