From Darkness to the Light of Jesus!

Every week our global mission receives beautiful testimonies that speaks of God’s grace, power, mercy, love, forgiveness, salvation, restoration, healing and deliverance. Souls are being freed, through the power of Jesus, every day, through our work. Allow me to share a recent testimony I just received from a family that was deeply touched by our ministry while ministering in Chicago recently.
“Hello Jay, I want to thank you for the night of May 16th in Chicago, where my beloved wife of 32 years had the darkness cast out of her heart and soul, thanks to you Jay. Demons were cast out; they left her and for the first time in many years she actually felt like the sun was shining even tho it was night-time. Praise Jesus and thank you Jay. I look forward to your ministry and would love to become a student of Deliverance and be a Freedom Fighter.”
This is what we see ALL THE TIME! Souls are free and cured of various kinds of afflictions and they end up, in many cases, in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center getting equip to cast out demons and healing the sick. Then while delving into the school they end up being used by the Holy Spirit to touch souls in their sphere of influence. It’s actually staggering to ponder the powerful ways God has used this world-wide mission. Tens of thousands of souls personally encountering the salvation, healing and deliverance power of Jesus!