Inner Healing Terms Defined

Inner Healing Terms Defined*
We know souls are in tremendous need, the world over, of healing. Yes, most disciples of the Lord Jesus understand the need for physical healing but sadly, so few grasp the great need for hurting people to receive inner healing. I’m not speaking of a healing of a damaged emotion but rather something deeper. I’m speaking of exploring one’s mind and heart to see whether soul parts exist. Often times they are hiding or being held in captivity by evil forces. Thus the tremendous need for advanced inner healing.
We need to get back to basics when speaking of inner healing. This subject calls for us to define the terms we often use in our seminars and email updates. I have encountered thousands of individuals with these complex inner realities. We need to place these realities, in some context, so we might understand what we are looking at. Thus making our ability to minister to others much more effective.
Dissociative Identities –are simply broken heart parts of one’s life that experienced some element of trauma, abuse, or hurt. These heart parts, soul parts, alters (as in alternative personalities) contain hurt and emotional pain. Jesus desires for these parts of our lives to supernaturally healed and restored.
Ancestral Dissociative Identities –are simply broken heart parts (memory imprints) of our ancestors that have been transmitted down through the generations of our bloodlines. These soul parts are not our soul parts. They are ancestral in nature. Jesus desires for these parts to be healed however He does not want these ancestral imprints to remain within us. They must be guided to Jesus.
Human Interjects –are simply broken heart parts of individuals who have been able to access our minds and hearts (our soul nature) via soul ties, witchcraft powers, controlling relationships and such. These human soul parts have interjected part of their lives into ours. They must be removed in Jesus name.
Animal Soul Parts –are simply broken heart parts of animals whom have been abused and hurt that have been able to access humans via soul ties, generational curses and sexual perversions. They must be removed and guided to Jesus.
Hopefully, these simple explanations, of these terms, will assist you in understanding what you might be encountering as you minister inner healing to a hurting soul. Many inquire if these realities are discussed in the Scriptures. Yes! The Word of God reveals the reality of how the heart can be broken which is, in fact, what all of the realities consist of –broken hearts.
Does not the Sacred Scriptures refer to broken hearts? Yes, in multiple places (see Psalm 34:18, 69:20, 109:16, Jeremiah 23:9). It is also clearly teaches that Jesus heals and cures the broken-hearted in Isaiah 61 and Luke 4. *To better understand these complexities and many more soulish elements then enroll in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center.