Secret Demons in Secret Chambers*

Holy Scriptures speak of secrets. Psalm 44:21 reveals that God knows the secrets of the heart. Within our heart (our soul nature that consist of the mind and heart) there are various chambers that contain emotions, memories and various kinds of affections. In the ministry of deliverance we have discovered within these chambers are often times demons and dissociative identities of all sorts. There are a number of secret places within our hearts that many times we are not even aware of.
In many counseling sessions I have investigated and probed the inner recesses of the heart and have discovered numerous evil spirits hiding (and many dissociative identities being held in captivity). Many demons even remark they are surprised and shocked to having been discovered as they sought to conceal their presence and activity. Billions in our modern day have secret demons that can only be brought to the surface, generally speaking, through a direct confrontation with the kingdom of darkness.
Ecclesiastics 12:14 speaks of evil “secret things.” Having been involved in the exorcism ministry for nearly several decades I have learned that humans are complex beings especially when speaking of one’s spirit and soul natures. Within these natures remain varying degrees of secrets. Within the regenerate spirit nature, for example, we “dwell in the secret place,” of the Most High where there is safety (see Psalm 91:1). There are other secret places –such as in the soulish realm where there are hidden demons that lurk and cause havoc as a result of ancestral evil that prior generations participated in.
Yes, there are secret chambers where evil reside however the Lord sees all and knows all (see Jeremiah 23:24). Trust the Lord (and be pro-active; meaning seek deliverance from those who are discerning and operate in power) to bring that which is in the darkness to the light for He desires for you to be FREE from all secret evils.
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