Idolatry is Demonism & it Kills

As I continue to conduct exorcisms, spanning nearly three decades, I have come across some consistent patterns in these battles with evil spirits. For example, we have discovered everyone has ancestral & generational spiritual issues and bondages that need to be eradicated. No one is exempt. Thus the need for spiritual intervention –for deliverance and curse breaking. Somewhere down your bloodline, someone did something sinister that allowed demons in the family. Since, most churches do not conduct spiritual warfare, these demons were simply transmitted from one generation to the next with no problems impending their bloodline travels.

This reality allows explains why so many disciples have demons; it’s because of this transmitted evil ancestral issue. Demons increase their numbers, generally speaking, when there is no one coming along hindering their activity in a family. They are sadistic beings wanting to destroy. They are interested in total destruction and will if not stopped.

One common way for evil spirits to enter the bloodline is through the evil practice of idolatry (the worshipping and honoring of other so-called gods). In First Corinthians 10:20 the apostle Paul explains, to the church at Corinth, that the very root of idolatry is demonism. When one sacrifices to idols they do so to demons he argues. This was originally expounded upon in the Torah. This is why any element of idolatry is generally a automatic entry point to evil supernaturalism.

I believe today’s story about Nikko Jenkins (pictured above) and the evil he has participated in can be ultimately traced back to his ancestors. Yes, what Nikko did was evil but it wasn’t the first time that someone in his bloodline did something so gruesome. No doubt, he had ancestors that participated in idolatry just like he does. He carried the curse of idolatry from his bloodline.

Not familiar with Nikko? Allow me to share what the news outlets are saying:

“Nikko Jenkins is taking his self-mutilations below the belt. The 29-year-old ‘psychopath’ – who killed four people within 10 days of being released from prison in Nebraska in July 2013 – continues to worship the Egyptian serpent god Apep, or Apophis, this time by reportedly cutting his own penis and requiring 27 stitches because of it. Jenkins, who has covered his face in hieroglyphic tattoos in reference of the ancient deity, told court officials this week about the homage, but did not specify what instrument he used..”

It was also revealed that Jenkins was in communication with these ancient gods (evil spirits):

“Jenkins insisted he did not remember killing anyone, only that an Egyptian god named Ahpophis ordered him in a foreign language to kill the four as human sacrifices.”

Nikko Jenkins not only offers his body as a self-sacrifice to these strange Egyptian demon-gods but also is in communion with these entities as they “ordered him to kill.” It is my contention Nikko’s ancestors, probably, at some point, opened the door by honoring strange gods (demons) and these satanic spirits were transmitted through the bloodline and entered Nikko. They were there inside of him, within his mind and body, compelling him to demon worship and other evils.

Idolatry leads to demons. When the door is opened, demons invade. When they enter they will lead to death and in some cases, will lead one to kill. You see it in history and one sees it in the exorcism ministry. I have encountered many thousands of cases where demons of idolatry revealed to me they entered their victims many generations prior. Why? Because one’s ancestors participated in idol-worship and in blood sacrifices (many cases involving not only animal sacrifices but also human sacrifices).

Perhaps your ancestors honored Moloch? Or Dagon? Or Baal? Or one of the many millions of so-called gods out there; that have been honored throughout history? The Holy Scriptures clearly teach in Deuteronomy 32 “They sacrificed to demons, which are not God, gods they had not known…,” Idolatry equates into demonism and can lead to killing. Flee from idolatry in Jesus name!

Thus the need for ancestral curse breaking in relation to generational idolatry and deliverance from demons of idolatry (you might have one?). Then worship the one and true God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob and Him alone!