Freedom Fighters Casting Demons Out Around the World!

Several years ago, while in San Diego, California, the Holy Spirit prompted to me to develop a online training program that would explore subjects, topics, and issues that the modern church refuses to touch. The Freedom Fighter International Training Center was birthed and launched with the hope of seeing many thousands of disciples of Jesus enrolling and rising up to fight the good fight –to proclaim the good news of Jesus, to drive out demons, to heal those broken in heart, and those whom are sick.

Many hundreds in the Middle East, in Australia, in Latin America, in Africa, in Europe, throughout North America, and in Asia, are part of the training center and finding Biblically balanced teaching and Holy Spirit guided presentations that will open the eyes and empower. For many it’s a 6-months of studying of the WORD and the deeper mysteries of the faith. I receive reports all the time of the Freedom Fighters going forth and carrying out mighty acts of the Holy Spirit –souls being won to Jesus, evil spirits cast out and many sick people bring healed by Jesus.

I should note that this training program is very unique in that I have offered courses that investigate intriguing subjects –such as raising the dead (very few training centers, in the whole world, offer a special class, for example, on how to raise the dead) and spiritually extracting cursed objects out of bodies. I also instruct on theology, the preaching of the gospel and healing those broken in heart and body. The spiritual keys I offer in this training WILL transform your life. In the training I offer keys to mastering the miraculous. Many have picked up the keys and have run with it. They have discovered, over and over again, that these keys WORKS! Allow me to share one testimony, from a young lady in Europe, that bears this truth out

“Hi Jay, I am very grateful to you for allowing me to go through your training at Freedom Fighter School. Back in April, you sent me the links to the Basic level of training. I have faithfully gone through all the lessons and have been ministering deliverance to people that the Lord has been sending to me on the level that I have learnt. This training has been a great help to me. If fact, while here in Eastern Europe, I have been meeting with a group of leaders to train them in the same principles. I was also able to minister deliverance to my friend who came from Moscow. A couple of people are awaiting me to minister to them when I return back to the States.”

Think of the impact –the training is equipping the trainers who are then turning around and equipping many others. May God continue to bless this powerful training school. Why not join us today and find yourself carrying out Holy Spirit signs and wonders. So many in our day are hungering for POWER! We have it and will hand it to you so you might be able to win souls to King Jesus and carrying out the ministry of miracles.