Miracle Testimony: “My life has been saved thanks to you!”

Just a few minutes ago, I received an encouraging email from someone we ministered to recently whose life has been transformed! She was saved in one of our Florida meetings. She also experienced healing of body and heart. Moreover, she encountered a powerful deliverance from evil spirits! She looked so incredibly different afterwards –beautiful smile and a disposition that spoke of peace.

She was so grateful for our mission, thus her email to me. There were 8 words in her email that really touched my heart.

“My life has been saved thanks to you!”

Obviously, it was Jesus that saved her! However, I knew what she meant. She was thankful for the miracles that have taken place in her life that literally SAVED her life and was happy that we intervened to help her!

This is a miracle mission. We have been faithful in extending this supernatural work, to millions, for many years. In fact, next month I will be embarking on my 29th year of preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. At the end of the year I take some time to ponder, to contemplate and to receive from God. I was reminded of the year I surrendered to the call to proclaim the good news of Jesus to the world. That was 28 years ago!

I was amazed to realize that in 2016 I will be entering my 29th year of gospel ministry. As a young teenager I started preaching in churches and in open air meetings. In fact, an older seasoned missionary introduced me to supernatural evangelism whereby we entered places the church would generally avoid. I loved it!

As a teenager I traveled, on a number of occasions, to the West Indies, on evangelistic missions, where a few older missionaries would take me into bars and nightclubs to preach the gospel. They would ask for permission from the owner and we were granted favor to be permitted to stand in the center of these bars and nightclubs and preach Jesus to those who would listen.

I was astonished that nearly everyone would stop what they were doing, in these bars, and listened intently as we preached. I witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit at work and it deeply impacted my life as many souls were won to Jesus!

Back in America, year after year, as a young man, I continued winning people to Jesus and was granted fantastic opportunities to expand the ministry throughout the earth. For many years I was bi-vocational and now for many years I have been honored to be able to fully work in the gospel. I am forever humbled by those who stand with me and support this Jesus mission. God WILL bless you for all of eternity. That I KNOW for sure!


This global mission is very unique in that we not only preach the gospel –calling souls to repent and place their lives in Jesus but we also do much more. We drive out demons and send them to the pit. Moreover, we cure the sick and heal the broken-hearted. Furthermore, we EQUIP the church in the full gospel mission.

This places us, as a mission, in a very special position. Yes, there are evangelistic ministries but they dismiss the other miraculous aspects of the gospel. Yes, there are those that perhaps cast out demons and heal bodies but dismiss or ignore the need to heal the broken-hearted. There are great ministries that incorporate all of the miraculous elements but have missed it on the tremendous need to heal BROKEN-HEARTS!