Demons & Mysterious Sickness Nearly Killed Pastor but JESUS!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I just received a very encouraging email from a pastor friend of mine in Florida who was celebrating his one year anniversary of his miraculous healing and deliverance. His beautiful family are awesome people and I thank God for friends like this. Jason, thank YOU for sending this email report to me. It deeply touched me.

As many of you know we reach out to non-believers all the time. We have extended this global mission into more then 185+ nations of the world. We have seen multitudes of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, practitioners of witchcraft saved, healed and delivered. But we DO NOT limit this ministry to simply the unsaved for the BODY; the very BODY of Christ (the church) needs these miracles of healing and deliverance too! We have even discovered many pastors are in great need too. Jason, pictured with me above at a seminar in Florida, last year, was in need.

He was dying when he first came to our public meeting. He was stricken with some kind of mysterious disease that was literally killing him. The doctors and specialists all agreed he was dying. He was successful in business, had a beautiful family and a ministry however the enemy was destroying him through this infirmity. He was seeking help and he turned to us. He didn’t know anything about us, at the time, but choose to trust us.

He came and was was powerfully set free from numerous demons and maladies. In subsequent exorcisms, he was set free from many more demons including some very violent spirits named Leviathan. All for these ministry sessions brought significant healing into his body. Even other members of his family received deliverance and healing through our ministry. God is good, my friends.

Jason, in appreciation, wrote this beautifully written email:

“Hey Pastor Jay, j ust wanted to touch base with you. I have been praying for you and your West Coast mission. Today marks the most important anniversary I will ever have. 1 year ago today God changed my life forever. 1 year ago today, even as a believer, I had demons taking my very life from me, through a rare muscle disease, that the doctors said I had. 1 year ago today there was a spirit of anger, rage and bitterness inside of me that was confronted by the supernatural power of Jesus and through your obedience to the call of God on your life –you commanded the demons to go. Not only did they leave but they took the sickness that was killing me along with them. I have been pain and sickness free for 1 year now. I am forever grateful for your ministry and how through it my life will never be the same. Thank You Pastor Jay from the bottom of my heart!!”

Brings TEARS to my eyes reading this email testimony. I get these kinds of emails all the time and I feel like I’m the most blessed man on the planet. I GET TO TRAVEL THE WORLD PREACHING JESUS AND CURING SOULS. Tens of thousands of miracles in nearly 30 years of ministry. This is LIFE –SEEING souls saved, healed and delivered! Jason, we bless your ministry and your beautiful family. We love you all!

I love you too my friends! I look forward seeing you and hugging each of you in Jesus name! I’m here to serve YOU! I desire to see you prospering in all things –in healing and in deliverance!