Overcoming Witchcraft

I have been battling an incredible amount of witchcraft since the beginning of the year and I have been astonished at the amount of souls that have been invaded by witchcraft or been externally attacked by witchcraft that I have ministered to our public meetings. I recall in our last public meeting, a young lady, from Chicago, was being sent witchcraft curses by a neighbor. The neighbor (his name is Tony) had actually invaded her and numerous witchcraft demons.

“Tony, slaughters dogs, cats and many other kinds of animals,” the demons reported to me, speaking through this young lady, “He sacrifices them to US! He sends us to her, to attack her!”

This young lady was being victimized by witchcraft! She knew she was under spiritual attack but had no idea that a neighbor of her’s was actually targeting her to this extent. You never really know my friends. That is why I highly recommend being proactive and staying the course. Be persistent. I, personally, can attest, you must be persistent. Stay the course. You will win!

Moreover, Tony, the neighbor was actually inside of her consciousness and surfaced and spoke to me. He was vindictive and was jealous of her and her family. In response he sent witchcraft curses and demons in an attempt to destroy her and her family! Thankfully, we were able to intervene and drive out Tony (the human interject) and the many demons out of her!

Just before leaving for this long mission journey, my wife and came in contact with a young woman from East Africa who was being victimized by witchcraft. In fact, a specific curse was sent her way– a curse of destruction and death. The witch that was sending it to her, boldly declared she would die by the end of the month! Horrible. I rebuked and cancelled it in Jesus name! But more importantly, I discovered this woman was not a Christian so I led her to salvation in Jesus Christ! Now, she has eternal life!

Witchcraft is a force that needs to be confronted by the power of Jesus Christ. His precious holy blood protects and will force out witchcraft! Call upon Jesus and His sacrificial blood today be upon your family! Spiritually place yourselves under the protective care of the atoning blood of Christ today!

My friends, pray for me and my family. Pray for our protection and I’ll be praying for you in the mighty holy name of Jesus! No weapon formed against us shall prosper. Sure, we may get hit and attacked (and we do) but at the end of the day –we WIN with Jesus! He sustains, strengthens and is triumphant within us! Amen!