Mysterious, Unusual, Extraordinary Miracles & Wonders

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Make no mistake about it –the greatest miracle is the born again experience whereby your spirit nature is made new by the indwelling presence of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the NEW YOU ascends into the heavens and God the Father places you into His Son! You are NOW hidden in HIM! We have been honored to see multitudes of souls, spanning six continents, experience this! Never gets old! Still enjoying proclaiming the good news of Jesus despite the opposition of the enemy.

I’m also blessed to be able to see very unusual, extraordinary (as described in Acts 19:11) and mysterious wonders. Souls are healed by utilizing consecrated objects, witnessing creative miracles (whereby God recreates new body parts), and seeing the Holy Spirit drive out cursed things from human bodies. Moreover, we have witnessed the dead being raised back to LIFE! Our God is a living and dynamic God –He is NOT dead but is very active in our daily lives.

The Holy Spirit also enjoys repairing shattered souls. This has been a concern of mine. I see many ministries and churches minister physical healing (praise God for this) however very few churches or missions participate in what we term as deeper healing or inner healing –the healing of crushed hearts. I’m not speaking of merely praying over someone who has issues with anxiety (and that is needed) but, rather, something deeper and much more complex, that is ministering to those with actual, literal, broken heart parts (dissociative identities) and ancestral heart parts.

We have encountered thousands of individuals with broken heart parts. We have also encountered, thousands of troubled souls with another mysterious spiritual phenomena –what we consider human interjects (or soul invaders). The young lady pictured above had one. Many do. In fact, this young woman approached me after a recent seminar and inquired about some spiritual matters. While praying with her a soul invader (a foreign soul part that has invaded you and your mind–be sure to check out our new teaching videos below on this subject) surfaced along with many demons. The foreign soul part didn’t want to depart. Obviously, I commanded the part out in Jesus name and guided them to God.

We are coming across hundreds of these soul invaders in recent months. It’s astonishing. Consider some of the soul invaders we have encountered in cities across the world recently:

In Vancouver, British Columbia, one lady had her mother and father, a few of her cousins, a uncle, a aunt, a university professor, a few men who assaulted her, co-workers, some church friends and others within her soul. They spoke out of her and wanted to stay within her to control her.

In Baltimore, Maryland, I encountered 3 strong Christian woman who had their pastors within them because of a strong soul tie that had been created with them.

In Atlanta, Georgia, one lady had her grandfather within her. He was a leader within the KKK (a white supremacist evil sect) who had abused her.

In Launceston, Australia, I encountered a young lady, who had a vindictive boy-friend who was furious with me as a result of me being able to locate him.

In Kansas City, Missouri, I spoke with a mother and a young sister within a young lady. One was utilizing witchcraft to gain access into her.

In Seattle, Washington, I encountered a cult leader within a woman that opposed me. He wanted to be able to access her to control her.

In Houston, Texas, I ministered to a woman who had numerous witchdoctors within her that were sent to her in an attempt to destroy her.

On the border of Mexico, I battled 8 former lesbian lovers within a former lesbian.

In Irvine, California, I encountered a son-in-law within his mother-in-law. He wanted to control her to ensure she wouldn’t interfere with his relationship with her daughter.

In Miami, Florida, I battled a controlling mother who had invaded her daughter.

In Richmond, Virginia, I confronted a ex-husband, who is a Muslim, who was determined to stay within his ex-wife.

In Santa Ana, California, I met a Muslim who was within a woman who was able to gain access into her life as a result of a friendship.

In Victoria, British Columbia, I encountered a evil doctor within a 71 year old woman who was determined to poison her.

In Toronto, Ontario, I confronted a witch who was within a lady whom she befriended.

I could go on and on and on. This is only a sampling. Hundreds upon hundreds cases of those with these soul invaders –just in the past few months. It’s astonishing. I would dare to say, we, perhaps, have encountered more individuals with these soul invaders, then anyone in the entire world, since the beginning of the year! This allows me to minister and to equip many thousands of disciples on this spiritual reality. I count it as a humbling honor to serve you my friend!

As you can see we have come across many, many cases in recent weeks throughout North America and the world. I have been able to remove, by God’s grace and power alone, every soul invader that has surfaced within our seminars and meetings with the exception of one (a lesbian soul invader infused with very strong spirits of Santeria and voodoo). That one will go to before too long in Jesus name!

Just imagine how all of these many individuals feel after having not only demons cast out, their own hearts healed and bodies repaired but also having these soul invaders removed. This is a more complete kind of healing that the modern church is missing out on.

So many healing ministries think it’s simply a quick little prayer and everything is back to normal. Sometimes, it can be like that. I was instantly freed from 400+ years of generational bondage within seconds after my salvation experience. Moreover, I have seen many thousands miraculously healed within seconds. However there are times when individuals have deeper spiritual elements involved that need to be considered and explored. That may take time and effort. It’s not a quick fix as many would like to believe.

These are unusual miracles (removal of soul invaders, for example) and wonders–in the sense that the modern church has no idea these miracles are taking place by unknown disciples who understand the deeper mysteries of the deliverance and healing ministry. In many cases the modern church even refuses, sadly, to be teachable on these matters.

These supernatural acts — the removing of soul invaders for example is an element of the healing of the broken heart that the Lord Jesus came to do (see Isaiah 61 & Luke 4). For these soul invaders are broken heart parts that are being guided to God (“All souls are Mine” in Ezekiel 18:4). Think about the quality of life issues that will be affected as a result of this kind of healing ministry.

Let’s humble ourselves and ask Jesus to help us to reach our family, friends and others with HIS love. Remember the healing, deliverance and exorcism ministry is a labor of love to free someone from a evil spirit, a soul invader, from heart and body afflictions and curses! God heals to demonstrate His love to all!