Common Nature of Ritualism

Do not think for a moment that ritualism and the participation of ritualism is rare. BILLIONS of individuals, in nations around the world, have participated in some element of ritualism. I have been involved in pagan ceremonies too!

These kinds of spiritual exercises can be found in basically every religious and spiritual group on the face of the earth. The Hindus, the Buddhists, the Muslims and all of the other major religions of the world have rituals and ceremonies. These rituals and ceremonies, though varied, call for dedication, submission, and openness. These are spiritual keys demons use when in the context of pagan ritualism to gain entry into human lives! Demons are also energized and appeased during these spiritual times. There is two good reasons why to avoid pagan ritualism.

Allow me to be clear: these rituals involve opening up oneself to spiritual realities (evil spirits and curses) which are spiritual gateways for demons to take advantage of –to invade your life! Moreover, these rituals can open you up to other spiritual realities such as a soul invader!

Recently, in Southern California, I encountered a woman in her 60′s, who 50 years earlier, was forced to participate in hideous sadism. The sadistic ritualism was infused with the powers of witchcraft! She was just a little girl but her family forced her to participate. She was used as a child in gruesome sex rituals where groups of people violated her. The result? Demonic invasion, deep fragmentation of her heart and the invasion of human interjects.

Ritualism and ceremonialism is common! As a young teenager, I attended secret society meetings that were closed to the public. My father was involved in very high levels of Freemasonry thus my participation. Many of you have participated in various kinds of ritualism. Too many to list here but the reality is you have been involved or the very least your ancestors had been involved in some element of ritualism. I highly recommend spiritually investigating to see whether demons or a human interject or a ancient curse is present. Jesus is able to go deep and bring that which is in the darkness into the LIGHT! He is able to bring deliverance to satanic ritualism.