Forgotten Ministry of Jesus: Casting Out of Demons!

I recall as a young teenager desiring to perform miracles in Jesus name. There was a BIG problem –the church I was attending, at that time, didn’t teach, promote, or believe in the miraculous; especially the ministry of casting out of evil spirits. The church simply avoided any talk of deliverance. That bothered me. It still bothers me as so many are suffering from demons. We need to follow the example of Jesus –He cast out demons! It’s really simple but this ministry remains hidden by and large.
In my last entry I referred to the healing of the broken-hearted as being a forgotten ministry of Jesus. That is true. Another aspect of the ministry of the Savior that has been ignored and dismissed is the actual ministry of driving out demonic spirits. It is true, there are many ministries and churches taking a more active role in this area of ministry but the numbers are still small. Very few churches, missions and ministries acknowledge the need for the ministry of deliverance, exorcism, or freedom from evil spirits. 
This is a spiritual crime as millions in churches are suffering from demonic afflictions. If the disciples of Jesus won’t cast out demons then where will people turn to for deliverance from evil?
We need to go back to the basics. What does the WORD tell us about this vital ministry? Consider the following:
Matthew 10:1 says, “And when He had called His twelve disciples to Him, He gave them power over unclean spirits, to cast them out…”
Mark 6:7 says, ” And He called the twelve to

Himself,  and began to send them out two

by  two, and gave them power over unclean spirits.”
Luke 9:1 says, “When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases…”
These are only several  references. There are many more. I t’s quite clear from the WORD that Jesus desires His  disciples  to drive out demons! Why isn’t this ministry being fulfilled? I think there many reasons such as: unbelief in the  miraculous, theological bias, apathy, compromise to the commands of Jesus, and many other reasons. It’s truly unfortunate. 
I also believe many are fearful; including many pastors and leaders. This is a frontline ministry. You are combatting very strong forces that many Christians, sadly, are afraid of. This must change. We need men and woman of courage and determination. We need more disciples willing to be different. God will use those who dare to stand up to Satan. The Holy Spirit WILL empower you just as He has empowered me. Yield to Jesus and His Spirit and watch the deliverance miracles take place before your eyes!