Partaking of the Powers of the Age to Come: Defeating Dragons

In the Holy Scriptures we see that God desires His people to partake of the miraculous and yet so few are actually involve in the ministry of miracles. Our God is a miracle-working God who desires to fill us with His power to cure the sick, heal broken hearts, cast out evil spirits, and perform other extraordinary feats. I believe the younger generation of disciples need to be exposed to these opportunities so they can partake of the supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit.

Hebrews 6:5 speaks of partaking of the “powers of the age to come.” What are these powers? I believe these powers are very special and unique among all kinds of powers that exist in our age. These powers are rooted in the Holy Trinity –the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These powers are divine capabilities. In our present age, we need these spiritual abilities. In fact, if you are interested you may “taste” of these powers. You’ll soon discover, as I have, they are GOOD! Fabulous!
Within the triune God there is limitless powers and by virtue of being in Him (Ephesians 2:6 & Colossians 3:3) we have access to these incredibly strong spiritual abilities that include curing diseases, raising the dead, activating holy angels, performing exorcisms and so much more.
Introducing the world to these spiritual miraculous realities truly excite and amaze. I have seen audiences, throughout the world, in awe, as we tap into these powers. It causes, especially the younger generations, to look into these realities and to tap into it. Transformation takes place and then lives are changed as a result. Don’t you desire to destroy dragons (demonic spirits) that are destroying lives and societies? We can stop them in the holy name of Jesus. However, you must be willing to tap into HIM and taste of the powers of the age to come that He provides for us.
Want to learn more? Very soon our Freedom Fighter Armory will be opened to the general public. We will examine and give practical advise on how to utilize more then 70 spiritual weapons at our disposal so we can be equipped to defeat dragons in Jesus name!