52+ Years of Tormenting Voices Disappeared After Deeper Deliverance!

A witchcraft coven in the Houston, Texas, area targeted our seminar last night and they were able to disturb and spiritually assault a handful of disciples. It occurred when a lady testified of her powerful deliverance from demonic forces the night before. She mentioned a name of a spirit — Leviathan– that she was set free from and immediately the fire alarms and strobes went off in the spacious hotel ballroom. Moreover, as the piercing sound of the alarm invaded the room several of the disciples came under direct attack.

Later on, after the seminar, we discovered, as we were battling Leviathan within a young lady, that a group of demonic spirits had been specifically sent to our seminar to hinder us. Sure, it was a distraction however we continued on with the ministry and many souls were powerfully freed by the Lord Jesus Christ! There’s much more to this story but suffice to say –the enemy tried to destroy the meeting but we ended up crushing him in the name of our great God!

After the spiritual disturbance, we were able to continue on with the ministry of the gospel. The very first lady, I reached out to was Mary (pictured with me above with my little girl). She had shared earlier in the evening that she had been hearing 3 different voices for more then 50+ years! She tried medication. It didn’t work. She tried to ignore the voices. It didn’t work. She tried to seek the counsel of the church. That didn’t work. She came to our seminar. That worked!

Obviously, we are not able to help everyone in every situation however we do specialize in assisting those with deeper demonic issues and by God’s grace we have witnessed tens of thousands of lives changed as a result. I’m so glad Mary decided to attend our meeting as we were able to resolve her issues and bring an end to the 50+ years of torture.

Who were these 3 voices she kept on hearing constantly? One was her grandfather. A soul invader. He surfaced. We discovered he was a warlock. He (and the demons attached to him) was removed by the power of God. The second voice was a good dissociative identity from another individual. They were guided to God for healing. The last voice a little girl –another dissociative identity. It was a broken heart part. It was a soul part of Mary that had been terribly abused and neglected. I was able to communicate with her and guide her to Jesus for deep healing.

As this little girl surfaced, my little girl, Sahara (age 7) was able to minister to this little heart part and healed this little girl. Not only am I reaching many for Jesus but I’m training my three children in the gospel ministry and allowing them hands on training. I’m raising up many disciples of Jesus throughout the world through our Freedom Fighter International Training Center and our other mission extensions. What an honor it is to serve King Jesus!

That little heart part was able to SEE the risen Savior and was comforted by His love and care. I then proceeded to drive out all of these tormenting voices from the demons and this evil soul invader and she was miraculously healed. In fact, she looked so dark and gloomy but afterwards looked so fill of light and joy! It was astounding to witness. She also shared that for the very first time in ALL of her life she could no longer hear the voices. She was powerfully delivered by the loving Jesus!

52 YEARS of TORMENT –RESOLVED BY JESUS WITHIN MINUTES! I just feel bad that this woman suffered for all of these decades. It’s wrong. She should not have suffered all of these years someone should have been able to intervene and offer hope and deliverance. However, nobody did. NOBODY! Well, by God’s power we were there and intervened!