Discerning Witchcraft in the Church!

Discerning Witchcraft in the Church!

The prevalence of witchcraft, the occult and sorcery is a massive spiritual problem. With tens of millions of links and websites, which I pointed out, that individuals can turn to, on the Internet, to obtain information on the sending of witchcraft spells and curses is alarming and problematic on multiple levels. The true Body of Christ needs to step up and denounce all forms of witchcraft, begin to expose the evils and minister freedom to those bound by witchcraft and inner witches.

In Galatians 3, we read of the apostle Paul, who declared that some, within the church, had been “bewitched.” He actually uses a word that aptly describes what is taking place –to those who are trying to serve Jesus and His gospel. In verse 1, the God’s Word translation says this: “You stupid people of Galatia! Who put you under an evil spell?” These people, He is speaking to, are committed believers in Christ. However the fact remains, one can be attacked by witchcraft and be placed under a “evil spell” within the church setting. Witchcraft is active within the church. Thus our need to be discerning so we can defeat witchcraft and expel it in the name of Jesus.

In the New King James version of the Galatians 3:1 passage, the word “bewitched” is used. So, what does bewitching defined as? Answer: “to cast a spell on and gain control over (someone) by magic.” Also, it means to “enchant, to delight someone.”

Are there people within the church using control or manipulation (tools of witchcraft) to attack? Are there individuals, curiously, resorting to spells and curses to seek revenge, to destroy or to seduce. The sending of these spells and curses, is essentially, the sending of spirits thus our need to be proactive. We must not back down, press forward and seek to serve Jesus and hear His voice. Be ever sensitive to God’s voice. In John 10:27, Jesus promised this: “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

Jesus will warn us of pending witchcraft against us and our families, we need to be willing in heart, to listen and to obey Him. Be discerning, watchful in church settings for many churches have been invaded by sorcerers. We must never retreat in light of witchcraft attacks and press onward knowing Jesus is molding us into the people of His Kingdom!

In church settings, be wary of the laying upon of hands, do not receive every WORD given to you, test the spirits (see 1 John 4) and you’ll learn how to detect who is of God and who is not. For many witches have invaded the church and are seeking to destroy it. Be encouraged, however, we know the end of the Bible, Jesus will put an end to witchcraft and will reign forevermore! Just be discerning, understand that the enemy is seeking to destroy and we must draw near to God and He will draw near to us –to protect us, to give us discernment and to provide wisdom.