Considering the Preeminent Experience of the Christian Faith?

Considering the Preeminent Experience of the Christian Faith?

I have been considering this majestic and unusual supernatural experience where one is being “caught up” into the heavenly realms (specifically the Third Heaven) and encountering spiritual realities that truly would astonish you (it sure does astonish those having these heavenly encounters). What do individuals experience while in the Third Heaven?

Well, first and foremost, disciples encounter their SAVIOR! In many cases, they also get to meet the Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit. Can it get any better? Amazing to think about for a moment. Human words do not really do any justice to explain what transpires when a soul enters Heaven. It’s challenging, at times, for me to think of a word, a adjective, that properly describes what people are experiencing while enjoying the supernatural realms of the Lord Jesus.

Many are encountering holy angels, meeting their believing, departed loved ones and friends, some are even reporting of meeting historical biblical characters such as Noah and Moses. Stunning to ponder. Many are delighting in heavenly foods, drinks, smells and sensations that are totally unique to this special realm. Moreover, many are able to have FUN in God’s Home –flying with angels and Jesus, riding amusement like rides, jumping into heavenly waters and so much more. Watch some of our videos to see for yourself.

For 31 years I have been serving Jesus in the gospel ministry –preaching, teaching, training, casting out demons, raising the dead, healing the sick, curing the brokenhearted, and performing other extraordinary miracles– yet, of all the miracles I have been exposed to and have participated in, perhaps, the preeminent wonder of all of them is guiding and watching individuals being “caught up” into the Third Heaven and entering into a deeper level of intimacy with the Holy Trinity. Can you think of anything more glorious?

How do I know it’s a deeper level of intimacy? Well, think about it, in the Third Heaven is there any spiritual pollution? Unlike the miracles we experience here, though glorious they may be, we are still experiencing them in the context of being in the present world which is polluted. When one is caught up into the Third Heaven there is no such spiritual reality. Perhaps, indeed, this wonder, is the preeminent of them all to encounter. What an honor for this small Jesus mission to be on the forefront of this mighty explosion of witnessing many entering into the heavenly realms and receiving His love and power in a unpolluted environment.