Witchcraft Invasion

Witchcraft Invasion

I’m not sure what city I was in (been traveling non-stop recently) but when I checked into my hotel and went into their market shop to locate a healthy snack, I noticed this–>A bag of (cursed) potato chips that are named VOODOO! I couldn’t believe it.

Perhaps you have seen this, I never noticed them before. Also note the VOODOO DOLLS on the front of the bag too. You may think I’m strange to think this way but I firmly believe these chips have been cursed. My friends, our societies and culture has been saturated and consumed by the powers of witchcraft –even, now, our potato chip bags are named VOODOO! What will this lead to? A further desensitizing of the population, which by the way the enemy desires. I think we are already there in many ways and witchcraft is now influencing and oppressing billions. It is one of the most powerful forces at work in our world.

In 31 years of ministering to those oppressed by witchcraft I have come to some concerning thoughts about witchcraft that I believe the Body of Christ needs to be aware of and ponder (and then ACT to drive out witchcraft):

First, we are seeing a surge of cases, of those being invaded (soul invaders) by actual sorcerers, witches and occultists. Unlike anything I have seen before in three decades of ministry. In nearly every meeting, we have discovered witches within those we minister to. It’s staggering.

Secondly, nearly every committed disciple that we minister to has been affected by witchcraft –to the point of actually being invaded. I’m stunned by this. I have ministered to tens of thousands of oppressed people, in more then 70 nations of the world, on six continents, and this IS one of the top spiritual problems I’m seeing.

My third major concern is that witchcraft demons are not being confronted within those suffering from the affects of witchcraft spells and curses. We need to stop the invasion, as witchcraft powers has been able to invade all spheres of life. We need to encourage more believers to stand their ground and seek to cast out to drive out witchcraft demons in Jesus name!

Lastly, I’m mystified that the universal church ignores the realities of witchcraft and believes disciples are immune from the curses and spells of sorcery. Yet the apostle Paul, in speaking to followers of Jesus, more then 2,000 years ago, was righteously angry, that the Galatia believers had been “bewitched.”

The word “bewitched” is defined as to “cast a spell over (someone).” Somebody placed a satanic spell on these disciples and the apostle Paul was pointing that out in Galatians 3:1. May God awaken the church to speak out against witchcraft and rescue those in bondage to the occult in Jesus name!