Wonderment of God’s Miracles in Africa!

It was a violent confrontation with the forces of darkness. The demons had her on the ground. They were vicious and and they were determined to stay within her. They viciously battled me. However, JESUS. HA! Yes, our living God, Jesus, when He steps in, ensures victory for His precious children (you & I). This lady left our recent Cape Town, South Africa seminar victorious!
Interestingly, she came with some friends of hers who had been following our mission work for years. They had heard about the astounding signs and wonders that take place during our meetings. They were determined to attend our service and believed. However, the enemy tried to hinder. First, upon arriving to our venue, a spirit of confusion came upon them and compelled them to leave. They ended up driving around the city in a state of daze and mental fogginess. The Holy Spirit guided them back to the venue and they attended the seminar.
As soon as I began to teach from God’s WORD, the demons, within this woman manifested. Many were departing, just being in the presence of God’s WORD! Then a number of inner witches surfaced from within her. Due to her high calling, they were targeting her with death and destruction. I brought out my CROSS and they were petrified. They were terrified of the cross. They had never seen anything like it before. They marveled that someone dared to confront them. They were expelled in Jesus name!
Then the violent demons, that twisted her body and limbs, faced me. They were also were confounded by the superior powers of Jesus Christ! They were commanded into the abyss in Jesus name! She was finally freed from the tormenting spirits that had brought her FIFTY YEARS of pains, ailments and sicknesses. God cured this woman.
Moreover, after her deliverance, she was lifted from earth and entered God’s heavenly wonderland where she encountered the Father and the Son. She had NEVER experienced anything like it before. In fact, upon returning to earth, she kept on telling everyone, in an astonishing state of awe and amazement, that it was difficult for her to find the words to describe what she experienced while in Heaven –the wonders, the glories, the joys of God’s eternal home. She was so happy and shocked. 
We are seeing this in EVERY SINGLE meeting here in Africa –many are being saved, healed, set free and entering God’s heavenly home– during our Supernatural Jesus Seminars. We traveling onward to Johannesburg, South Africa next and believe for even GREATER wonders to take place. Make your plans on joining us in a city near you!