Vancouver: Jesus Thriller as Holy Angels Forced Lucifer to Bow at the Cross!

It’s been wonderful to back in Vancouver, British Columbia, as my wife arrived back from South Africa, last night, prior to our weekly Jesus Church service here. We had a wonderful family day today here in downtown Vancouver. Last night, though, was a powerful service. I’m expecting even GREATER miracles this coming Saturday at the Jesus Church as many new faces are arriving and our ministry team is coming together in beautiful unity and power to minister the gospel.
Speaking of power. What a special night at the Jesus Church as we witnessed many being set free from demon powers as the team ministered through the night. A highlight of the evening was seeing this young lady, originally from the Fiji Islands, a first-generation disciple, escaping a Hindu background, find spiritual release through the power of Jesus.
As I began to pray over her, aggressive demons surfaced. They wanted to battle me. I called upon the holy angels and they arrived swiftly to assist me. They picked her body off the chair and carried her to the front of the hall. While they were forcing her body to the front. I asked the holy angels to place the body in a chair we placed up front. They didn’t listen to me. HA! HA! HA! They bypassed the chair and forced the demons to bow to the CROSS (see the beautiful cross above). The holy angels wanted to demonstrate to the evil spirits they were no match to the Lord Jesus!
Many demons surfaced –spirits of witchcraft, Lucifer and many others. They were forced to bow to King Jesus. They boasted how they had sabotaged her life in so many ways. They also revealed much more:
“We bring her fiery darts into her body, to torment her,” the evil spirits told me, “We bring her all kinds of physical pains!”
Her friend also confirmed this. This disciple had been suffering for YEARS from various kinds of physical pains. Sadly, she was also being victimized by strong witchcraft that had been sent to her by various individuals wanting to destroy her. Some of them were even able to invade her. We confronted them in the superior powers of Jesus the Lord! We forced them out along with the many demons —many thousands that entered her bloodline as a result of her ancestors participating in idolatrous practices.
She was so happy to be FREE from these evil spirits. Moreover, her broken heart was quickly guided to the Third Heaven. In the heavenly realms she was able to meet the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit –the entire Holy Trinity. Furthermore, she experienced some stunning glorious wonders:
-Heard millions of holy angels singing and playing instruments
-Heard flowers, grass and other things praising God
-Saw colors, heard sounds and observed things that were unique, in that she never saw anything like it on earth
-Received the deep satisfying love from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that healed her heart
-Received divine instructions on how to live life
-Entered the Throne Room of God the Father and sat on His lap
-Jesus appeared to her
I could go on and on. This is astounding my friends. These glorious joys, miracles and wonders are incredible to witness. We are honored, Jesus, to be graced the opportunity to see these on a weekly basis. Thank you, God! This precious woman testified afterwards that she no longer felt the physical pains that were in her body for many years! God cured this woman!