About Us

For nearly 30 years Jay Bartlett has traveled throughout the world, across 6 continents, proclaiming the good news of Jesus and driving out demons, impacting millions of souls. God is pleased to display His miracle working power in these missions thus confirming His WORD.

Jay is simply a trophy of God’s love as he has been rescued by the Lord Jesus from childhood exposure to the demonic effects of secret societies. Moreover, Jay has escaped from being murdered, by those involved in sorcery, by God’s mercy and continues to serve Jesus.

God called Jay soon after his conversion to Christ to a ministry of casting out of demons. Jay has conducted thousands of private and public exorcisms throughout the world resulting in thousands of free individuals. By the power of the holy atoning blood of Jesus, Jay has survived numerous assassination attempts by sadistic sects, who have conspired against the exorcism ministry.

Jay also ministers to those suffering from dissociation and those escaping satanic ceremonial trauma. They have conducted a number of clandestine rescue missions to assist those victimized by occult groups, drug cartels and criminal syndicates.

By God’s power Jay has also endured a physical attack in front of the Notre Dame in Paris, being detained in Nigeria, ministered to the sick, the demonized and the lost in Islamic dominated Pakistan, performed public exorcisms in Trinidad, battled voodoo priests in Haiti, ministered in the infamous De Wallen underworld of Amsterdam, threatened by demons in China, attacked by demons in a Bangkok Hindu temple, stopped by the police after preaching the gospel to more then 10,000 souls in Times Square in New York City, and was verbally assaulted by Turkish Muslims while preaching Jesus in the UK.

Moreover, Jay has conducted public exorcisms in Mayan villages in Latin America, was threatened at a Nation of Islam conference in America, proclaimed the gospel to thousands at a midnight open air meeting in El Salvador, survived a prison riot in Africa, stabbed in front of a Methodist Church in Dallas, ministered in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City, preached Christ in front of voodoo temples in Western Africa, received angelic assistance in a Anglican Church, during an exorcism, in Australia, proclaimed Christ on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras, confronted Nazi spiritual forces in Germany, shared the gospel in Rasta bars in Jamaica, unjustly arrested, jailed and interrogated by armed animists in the Republic of Benin.

Furthermore, Jay, has written nearly 70 publications and has appeared on various international radio and television networks that has allowed Jay the opportunity to expose the ministry of exorcism to millions. He is currently overseeing a number of churches globally all of which are committed to the deliverance ministry.

Jay Bartlett Missions international offices are located in Southern California:

Jay Bartlett Missions
530 South Lake Avenue Suite #922
Pasadena, California 91101


Inquiries: Jay Bartlett can be reached at jay@jaybartlett.org