Places of Dread

Have you ever been in a place, an environment where death, dread and terror reigned? I recall just being in a car years ago, waiting at a stop light, with a friend, when all of a sudden a wave of dread came upon us both at the same time. It was surreal but very substantial as it afflicted us both and we both became depressed. Within minutes of experiencing this and wondering outloud how this could be we rebuked the dread and it vanished.

Recently, my sister and I were on the phone recalling some of our experiences being raised, in the Illuminati and attending some of the meetings and rituals. We were so blinded. We weren’t phased by it largely as it was all we knew. We both attended meetings where luciferian spirits were called upon and satanic ceremonies were witnessed. We did recall attending a very private meeting in a Masonic Temple in Ft Myers, Florida and I vividly remember even to this day walking into the room and having everyone (perhaps 20 or so) turning and looking at me with DREAD and DEATH in their eyes. I was but a little boy but the spirit of dread was so real and it bothered me. I thought, this place is like a funeral home. It was! Everyone was DEAD spiritually! The feeling of dread was powerful. Years later I was delivered from this dread!

For years I have been active in the pro-life movement. I have spoken out on abortion on radio numerous times, and have even protested some abortion clinics. One time I was with Flip Benham who was President with Operation Rescue and we stood outside a abortion clinic and felt the DREAD, the DEATH. My eyes welled up with tears as the spirits of death were working so powerfully in the death building. I witnessed ladies (with their boyfriends and husbands) with their unborn babies entering the building and the spirits just rising up so powerfully. It broke my heart. God loves these dear people! Jesus cries too!

I have visited concentration camps in Eastern Europe, standing at the doors of the ovens where precious Jewish littles ones were placed in, voodoo sacrifical sites in Western Africa, where human sacrifice is still practiced in our day, Hindu Temples in Southeast Asia, where people sacrifice so much to gruesome demon gods, and Satanic Ritual sites in America and have experienced this dread. Just being in the environment of death brings dread. This dread unless it’s rebuked harshly in the authority of Jesus Christ will remain upon you and cause depression and other emotional ills. The joy of the Holy Spirit is available to those who call upon Him to replace the dread! Amen!


Mithridates Eupator’s Soul Capabilities

Those with dissociation tend to be very creative, highly intelligent, and quite sensitive to deep spiritual issues. Most in our world are highly ignorant and lacking the knowledge bank to fully grasp the realities of dissociation and the deep elements of the soul nature. I have encountered broken parts of people who mastered multiple languages (the core was knowledgeable of but one language), able to succeed in the arts & sciences at high levels that would amaze, who possessed marvelous memory capabilities  and was able to master multi-tasking at extremely high levels.

The soul nature of man is quite capable of doing incredible feats. In Genesis 2:19-20 we read of this soul power, from holy God, that each man possesses, “Now the LORD God had formed out of the ground all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name. So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds of the air and all the beasts of the field.” This is simply amazing that Adam was able to “name” every creature as ordained by God.

Throughout history man, because he was created in the very image of God, has been able to accomplish stunning accomplishments.

-Mithridates Eupator was able to administer law in 22 languages. Shocked

-Cyrus, king of the Persians, could call every soldier in his armies by name! Shocked

-Fumes, was able to assign 24,000 different images to 24,000 different words, all by memory. Shocked

These are but a few examples…

Those with dissociation have abilities that surpass many of those in our world. They had no choice but to possess the abilities to survive (now there are abilities some parts have that are rooted in the demonic that ought to be renounced). I know of one lady who was able to recall hundreds of thousands of various names of parts that were within her inner world (this was good as it assisted me in helping and locating the parts for healing). I know of many parts that could easily memorize a small book in a very short period of time. Some parts are able to memorize large portions of Scripture with ease. These broken parts of the soul have great capabilities.

Some believing protector parts are even able to perform great miracles within their inner world on behalf of other parts. God is no respecter of persons and God adores little ones and will allow them to do great wonders for His glory, supernatural abilities that would stun most believers. Many parts have witnessed my wife and I performing miracles such as recently my wife called forth literal “fire from heaven” (this is a supernatural ability that believers can unlock in their ministry for God’s honor) in a ministry session and it assisted them in getting released from physical and spiritual enemies of the cross. Now the parts have been equipped to carry out this miracle and it’s doing wonders. The parts are carrying out amazing miracles for God’s glory.

Teens Eaten by Satanists

In the UK it was reported by the Sun News of a gruesome Satanic crime that has recently taken place…

A VILE gang of devil worshippers has killed and eaten four Russian teenagers in a sickening ritual.

The Satanists stabbed each of their victims a terrifying 666 times before dismembering their bodies and cooking them on a bonfire.

Russian cops discovered the teenager’s limbs, hearts and scalps in a pit in the Yaroslavl region around 300 miles from Moscow, along with the dead body of a small rodent crucified on an upside-down cross.

The victims, three girls and one boy, all aged 16 and 17, disappeared from their homes in June.

But police only discovered the remains of Anya Gorokhova, Olga Pukhova, Varya Kuzmina and Andrei Sorokin last month.

The four pals – described as “Goths” – were lured one by one to a country cottage and were allegedly forced to get drunk before the revolting ritual began.

Hair from the victims was apparently found in the embers of the bonfire.

Cops arrested eight Satan worshippers in connection with the killings after finding out that all four victims had telephoned Nikolai Ogolobyak, the alleged leader of the Satan gang. His apartment lies just 250 metres from where their remains were discovered.

One of the arrested Satanists said: “Satan will help me to avoid responsibility, I made lots of sacrifices to him.”

Another suspect – Alexander Voronovic – said the gang had previously dug up a dead girl’s grave and eaten her heart and a third suspect said he turned to Satan because praying to God did not make him rich.


In the Book of Daniel, there is a specific angel mentioned, a watcher. An angel that is called upon God to “watch,” to “observe,” and to carry out other divine tasks. In the demonic angelic realm there are watchers of the fallen angel kind. These beings are tasked to watch & observe, generally, believers, in an attempt to obtain information. They are used by occultists throughout the globe. The church I serve at, a Methodist Church, had a few watchers. Often times the watchers seek a spiritual portal by which to attach themselves. In the case with the church they (the demons) used a 16 year old gang member, within the community, to mark, right out side the front doors, a satanic symbol, to permit a watcher to attach itself. I had discovered the very bizarre satanic symbol the other day and tore down, spiritually, the portal, with sacred oil. A demon within someone recently told me that it couldn’t utilize this particular portal ever since I used the holy oil.

So, why the watcher near the front doors?

Well, they desired to watch who entered the church and to observe the church’s activities. We have had demons within a half dozen people tell me the same thing–they are desiring to destroy the deliverance ministry within this church (we are but a few churches in America that holds weekly deliverance services). The watchers are reporting back to other demons our activities as they to plan our demise. But they have failed to stop us as this is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Watchers have been assigned to me to and have entered animals to observe me. It’s strange but not to those familiar with spiritual warfare.

Watchers, generally, look for portals, to attach themselves to. Be discerning and destory any located portals through a spiritual weapon. These watchers are defeated by the precious blood of the cross of Jesus.

Horrific Visit

I’ll never forget the visit.

It was…
Sad. Dreary. Dark. Haunted. Pure Evil. Gruesome. Satanic.

I along with some German friends, a few years back, visited one of the largest concentration death camps established by the demonized Nazis ~Buckenwald.

I’ve traveled to some pretty spiritually dark places in the world — the voodoo temples where human sacrifices are still practiced today in Haiti and Africa, Hindu ritual sites in Asia, and this place called Buckenwald located eastern Germany.

In this place there were many who died as a result of hellish human experimentations. Elizabeth and I walked on the grounds of this death camp and I was reminded of some things by our loving Lord Jesus…

  • Evil knows no limits to the depths it can obtain. Satan and his demons are wicked and murderous. I have seen their work in the death chambers & crematoriums of Buchenwald  We must take seriously his work and work against it in Jesus name!
  • Evil likes to hide. It was interesting to find out while there that many villagers of the town that were down the mountain never knew of this camp that was in their midst. There are evil people lurking, evil camps, and evil spirits in our midst. As Jesus reminded us, be “watchful.” Let’s shine the light of Jesus in these dark elements of our world.
  • Evil is active. Actual people (controlled & driven by demons) created these camps. We need to be mindful that evil isn’t simply a theory, it IS an action. People are plotting to DO evil and are accomplishing evil. (My friends, as I write this, I am surrounded by numerous murderous threats of the enemy. Evil is active, my friends, in our midst. Just last night a cult member controlled by demons violently hit my head with extreme force. But, by God’s power, I felt little of it! Praise the Living King Jesus).
  • Evil is systematic and conspires. The Nazis conspired against the Jews. Buchenwald is seen as a piece of their evil puzzle. Buchenwald was created, systematically, by the evil dark forces of Satan. Evil conspires. Psalms 64 clearly bears this out. (My friends, there is a group of people, as I write this, conspiring to kill me. This evil is real my friends, it IS real).
  • Good will overcome evil. Though Buchenwald killed tens of thousands, it no longer does! The gracious Lord used the Allieds and they rescued those in the camp and closed the death chambers! We know as believers in the risen Jesus that evil will one day cease in the New City! All demons, curses, the anti-Christ, etc will be thrown into the lake of fire forevermore and we will be with Jesus forevermore!