Exorcism Training

Our NEW Freedom Fighter International Training Center has been founded to equip generations of disciples who seek to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by serving Him as freedom fighters. It is currently the largest center of it’s kind in the world with more than 70 segments offered. Enroll in this international training center today and find yourself transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The training center provides 6+ different levels –Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Post Graduate and Premier Levels– and more than 70 segments –from Dynamics of Demon Possession to Theology of the Cults to Supernatural Evangelistic Work to Understanding Ancestral Dissociation– that is available for the student to choose from. This is an amazing opportunity to be trained to fight the good fight and to make a difference in our world for Jesus!

Why wait? The training center is affordable, convenient, flexible, and user friendly. This will allow you the opportunity to learn the miraculous powers of the Lord Jesus thus allowing you to make an immediate impact in our world. Dare to be different and become a Freedom Fighter!

Moreover, we offer some thrilling and compelling training programs that are designed to take the serious minded disciple to an entire new level of faith and action. These Extraordinary Training ePrograms are available for a limited amount of time. Click here to learn more about these Extraordinary Training ePrograms.

Powerful Testimonies

“The Freedom Fighter programme is sharpening so many people around the world, this is an anointed training that you are developing and is one of kind, Holy Spirit is moving within me as I soak into your teachings. Been working through your course, just wanted to quickly let you know that it is truly powerful and highly informative – sets the foundation into a level of understanding and defines the nature of the Trinity exceptionally well with the integration of many biblical references.”

“We listened to your teaching this evening and I have to say this with all my heart, BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO, HIP HIP HOORAY, You have no idea how long I have been waiting for some one to explain and in a way that could be easily understood how our Creator works in the Triune Headship. I have listened for so long but now it is clear to me now. I get it and I thank you so much!!!!! Also the way that you presented Mary, now I have a far better understanding of her. I am so proud to call you my brother ! You really are called of God! Not many have I meet that I can say this about. Your Brother in Christ.”

“Hello Apostle Jay, I have immensely enjoyed the first class, a wealth of knowledge. I can not wait to hear the other classes, you truly are a inspiration to the world.”

“Hello Mr. Bartlett! I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to be able to learn from your teaching and unique classes and have already got a lot out of the first class.I just finished listening to Systematic Theology I and II and wanted to encourage you that your teaching was very well communicated.”

“Hello Jay, Wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the Freedom Fighter courses that you are presenting. I have really been enjoying the Basic Level programs and am looking forward to future sessions. I think it is great that you are starting at a very basic level, and building from there. I really believe this is of God. I was really blessed and encouraged by your testimony! Thank you so much for including that in your teachings. Thank you so much. I know that God sees and will Himself reward you.”

Join us today at ifreedomfighter.org!