Exorcism Publications

Jay’s newest 300+ page e-publication –Jesus: Savior, Healer, and Exorcist– is NOW available for only $100 (10 other e-publications will be sent too along with the newest publication)!

I stand in awe of JESUS. Now having traveled to 6 continents, I have witnessed the power of Jesus. I can testify that Jesus is indeed Savior, Healer and Exorcist. Why the italics? Because that is an aspect of Jesus’ ministry that has been ignored and dismissed. Two thousand years ago, He drove out demons and even now, He empowers His servants to do the same. I have now conducted, as of this publishing, more than 20,000+ exorcisms and can therefore speak with some authority. I have written this publication to chronicle all of His miracles. Click here to order today! Outside of the United States click here to order today!

We are currently offering a few Extraordinary Publications Sets that will inspire and equip you for a life of victory. These sets will only be available for a limited amount of time. Be sure to order your sets today. Our Extraordinary Publications Set, which consist of 20+ publications, for the low price of $100.00. Please allow 48 hours for delivery. Publications are ebooks and are not available, in this format, anywhere else. Click here to order today! Outside of the United States click here to order today!

+Demon Encounters: Defeating Devils in the Name of Jesus

+Deeper Mysteries of the Deliverance Ministry: Examining Dissociation, Ancestral Dissociation and Human Interjects

+Spiritual Dynamics of Soul Slavery and Mind Control

+Expelling Evil Spirits

+Setting the Captives Free

+Free From Satan

+Bartlett’s Book of the Occult, Volume I

+Freedom Fighters

+Conversion to Christ, Call from God, Experiencing the Fire of the Holy Spirit and Deeper Life

+Public Proclamation of the Gospel +Chronicle of Miracles

+Encounters with Evil Spirits

+Sacred Scriptures, Holy Angels, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Holy Elements

+Exorcisms in the Methodist Church

+Concerning Miracles and Unusual Acts of the Supernatural

+Allow Me to Introduce You to the Defeated Devil

+Confronting the Illuminati and Other Evils with the Cross of Jesus

+Holy Mysteries of the Holy Eucharist

+Miraculous Wonders in Latin America

+False Spiritual Movements

+Eerie But True

+Exorcism Stories, Volume I

+Exorcism Stories, Volume II

+I Am Saved From My Enemies

+Experiences in Exorcisms

+Holy Chronicle of Miracles: Special Edition

+Public Proclamation of the Gospel