NEW Healing Services for YOU and Your Family

WE ALSO OFFER MANY OTHER SPECIAL SERVICES FOR YOU & YOUR FAMILY (all sales final, no refunds will be honored):

Special 2 Hour Personal Ministry Sessions

Special 4 Hour Personal Ministry Sessions

BRAND NEW & Available NOW for only $50
Eradicating Idolatrous & Witchcraft Curses, Fiery Darts, & Oppression Special Post Graduate Courses within the FFITC!
Special Ministry Courses on Overpowering the Powers of Witchcraft in the Name of Jesus!!!

These Unique and Dynamic Presentations/Teachings Will Teach You on How to Overcome: 

-Generational curses of idolatry

-Witchcraft curses your enemies are sending to you (note: you DO have enemies)

-Fiery darts that have been implanted within your body or soul

-Spiritual oppression as a result of being under witchcraft attacks

-Evil spirits of Santeria, satanism, voodoo, witchcraft, and the occult

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