Freedom Fighters Casting Demons Out Around the World!

Several years ago, while in San Diego, California, the Holy Spirit prompted to me to develop a online training program that would explore subjects, topics, and issues that the modern church refuses to touch. The Freedom Fighter International Training Center was birthed and launched with the hope of seeing many thousands of disciples of Jesus enrolling and rising up to fight the good fight –to proclaim the good news of Jesus, to drive out demons, to heal those broken in heart, and those whom are sick.

Many hundreds in the Middle East, in Australia, in Latin America, in Africa, in Europe, throughout North America, and in Asia, are part of the training center and finding Biblically balanced teaching and Holy Spirit guided presentations that will open the eyes and empower. For many it’s a 6-months of studying of the WORD and the deeper mysteries of the faith. I receive reports all the time of the Freedom Fighters going forth and carrying out mighty acts of the Holy Spirit –souls being won to Jesus, evil spirits cast out and many sick people bring healed by Jesus.

I should note that this training program is very unique in that I have offered courses that investigate intriguing subjects –such as raising the dead (very few training centers, in the whole world, offer a special class, for example, on how to raise the dead) and spiritually extracting cursed objects out of bodies. I also instruct on theology, the preaching of the gospel and healing those broken in heart and body. The spiritual keys I offer in this training WILL transform your life. In the training I offer keys to mastering the miraculous. Many have picked up the keys and have run with it. They have discovered, over and over again, that these keys WORKS! Allow me to share one testimony, from a young lady in Europe, that bears this truth out

“Hi Jay, I am very grateful to you for allowing me to go through your training at Freedom Fighter School. Back in April, you sent me the links to the Basic level of training. I have faithfully gone through all the lessons and have been ministering deliverance to people that the Lord has been sending to me on the level that I have learnt. This training has been a great help to me. If fact, while here in Eastern Europe, I have been meeting with a group of leaders to train them in the same principles. I was also able to minister deliverance to my friend who came from Moscow. A couple of people are awaiting me to minister to them when I return back to the States.”

Think of the impact –the training is equipping the trainers who are then turning around and equipping many others. May God continue to bless this powerful training school. Why not join us today and find yourself carrying out Holy Spirit signs and wonders. So many in our day are hungering for POWER! We have it and will hand it to you so you might be able to win souls to King Jesus and carrying out the ministry of miracles.


Idolatry is Demonism & it Kills

As I continue to conduct exorcisms, spanning nearly three decades, I have come across some consistent patterns in these battles with evil spirits. For example, we have discovered everyone has ancestral & generational spiritual issues and bondages that need to be eradicated. No one is exempt. Thus the need for spiritual intervention –for deliverance and curse breaking. Somewhere down your bloodline, someone did something sinister that allowed demons in the family. Since, most churches do not conduct spiritual warfare, these demons were simply transmitted from one generation to the next with no problems impending their bloodline travels.

This reality allows explains why so many disciples have demons; it’s because of this transmitted evil ancestral issue. Demons increase their numbers, generally speaking, when there is no one coming along hindering their activity in a family. They are sadistic beings wanting to destroy. They are interested in total destruction and will if not stopped.

One common way for evil spirits to enter the bloodline is through the evil practice of idolatry (the worshipping and honoring of other so-called gods). In First Corinthians 10:20 the apostle Paul explains, to the church at Corinth, that the very root of idolatry is demonism. When one sacrifices to idols they do so to demons he argues. This was originally expounded upon in the Torah. This is why any element of idolatry is generally a automatic entry point to evil supernaturalism.

I believe today’s story about Nikko Jenkins (pictured above) and the evil he has participated in can be ultimately traced back to his ancestors. Yes, what Nikko did was evil but it wasn’t the first time that someone in his bloodline did something so gruesome. No doubt, he had ancestors that participated in idolatry just like he does. He carried the curse of idolatry from his bloodline.

Not familiar with Nikko? Allow me to share what the news outlets are saying:

“Nikko Jenkins is taking his self-mutilations below the belt. The 29-year-old ‘psychopath’ – who killed four people within 10 days of being released from prison in Nebraska in July 2013 – continues to worship the Egyptian serpent god Apep, or Apophis, this time by reportedly cutting his own penis and requiring 27 stitches because of it. Jenkins, who has covered his face in hieroglyphic tattoos in reference of the ancient deity, told court officials this week about the homage, but did not specify what instrument he used..”

It was also revealed that Jenkins was in communication with these ancient gods (evil spirits):

“Jenkins insisted he did not remember killing anyone, only that an Egyptian god named Ahpophis ordered him in a foreign language to kill the four as human sacrifices.”

Nikko Jenkins not only offers his body as a self-sacrifice to these strange Egyptian demon-gods but also is in communion with these entities as they “ordered him to kill.” It is my contention Nikko’s ancestors, probably, at some point, opened the door by honoring strange gods (demons) and these satanic spirits were transmitted through the bloodline and entered Nikko. They were there inside of him, within his mind and body, compelling him to demon worship and other evils.

Idolatry leads to demons. When the door is opened, demons invade. When they enter they will lead to death and in some cases, will lead one to kill. You see it in history and one sees it in the exorcism ministry. I have encountered many thousands of cases where demons of idolatry revealed to me they entered their victims many generations prior. Why? Because one’s ancestors participated in idol-worship and in blood sacrifices (many cases involving not only animal sacrifices but also human sacrifices).

Perhaps your ancestors honored Moloch? Or Dagon? Or Baal? Or one of the many millions of so-called gods out there; that have been honored throughout history? The Holy Scriptures clearly teach in Deuteronomy 32 “They sacrificed to demons, which are not God, gods they had not known…,” Idolatry equates into demonism and can lead to killing. Flee from idolatry in Jesus name!

Thus the need for ancestral curse breaking in relation to generational idolatry and deliverance from demons of idolatry (you might have one?). Then worship the one and true God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob and Him alone!

Secret Demons in Secret Chambers*

Holy Scriptures speak of secrets. Psalm 44:21 reveals that God knows the secrets of the heart. Within our heart (our soul nature that consist of the mind and heart) there are various chambers that contain emotions, memories and various kinds of affections. In the ministry of deliverance we have discovered within these chambers are often times demons and dissociative identities of all sorts. There are a number of secret places within our hearts that many times we are not even aware of.
In many counseling sessions I have investigated and probed the inner recesses of the heart and have discovered numerous evil spirits hiding (and many dissociative identities being held in captivity). Many demons even remark they are surprised and shocked to having been discovered as they sought to conceal their presence and activity. Billions in our modern day have secret demons that can only be brought to the surface, generally speaking, through a direct confrontation with the kingdom of darkness.
Ecclesiastics 12:14 speaks of evil “secret things.” Having been involved in the exorcism ministry for nearly several decades I have learned that humans are complex beings especially when speaking of one’s spirit and soul natures. Within these natures remain varying degrees of secrets. Within the regenerate spirit nature, for example, we “dwell in the secret place,” of the Most High where there is safety (see Psalm 91:1). There are other secret places –such as in the soulish realm where there are hidden demons that lurk and cause havoc as a result of ancestral evil that prior generations participated in.
Yes, there are secret chambers where evil reside however the Lord sees all and knows all (see Jeremiah 23:24). Trust the Lord (and be pro-active; meaning seek deliverance from those who are discerning and operate in power) to bring that which is in the darkness to the light for He desires for you to be FREE from all secret evils.
*To better understand these complexities and many more soulish elements then enroll in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center.

Inner Healing Terms Defined

Inner Healing Terms Defined*
We know souls are in tremendous need, the world over, of healing. Yes, most disciples of the Lord Jesus understand the need for physical healing but sadly, so few grasp the great need for hurting people to receive inner healing. I’m not speaking of a healing of a damaged emotion but rather something deeper. I’m speaking of exploring one’s mind and heart to see whether soul parts exist. Often times they are hiding or being held in captivity by evil forces. Thus the tremendous need for advanced inner healing.
We need to get back to basics when speaking of inner healing. This subject calls for us to define the terms we often use in our seminars and email updates. I have encountered thousands of individuals with these complex inner realities. We need to place these realities, in some context, so we might understand what we are looking at. Thus making our ability to minister to others much more effective.
Dissociative Identities –are simply broken heart parts of one’s life that experienced some element of trauma, abuse, or hurt. These heart parts, soul parts, alters (as in alternative personalities) contain hurt and emotional pain. Jesus desires for these parts of our lives to supernaturally healed and restored.
Ancestral Dissociative Identities –are simply broken heart parts (memory imprints) of our ancestors that have been transmitted down through the generations of our bloodlines. These soul parts are not our soul parts. They are ancestral in nature. Jesus desires for these parts to be healed however He does not want these ancestral imprints to remain within us. They must be guided to Jesus.
Human Interjects –are simply broken heart parts of individuals who have been able to access our minds and hearts (our soul nature) via soul ties, witchcraft powers, controlling relationships and such. These human soul parts have interjected part of their lives into ours. They must be removed in Jesus name.
Animal Soul Parts –are simply broken heart parts of animals whom have been abused and hurt that have been able to access humans via soul ties, generational curses and sexual perversions. They must be removed and guided to Jesus.
Hopefully, these simple explanations, of these terms, will assist you in understanding what you might be encountering as you minister inner healing to a hurting soul. Many inquire if these realities are discussed in the Scriptures. Yes! The Word of God reveals the reality of how the heart can be broken which is, in fact, what all of the realities consist of –broken hearts.
Does not the Sacred Scriptures refer to broken hearts? Yes, in multiple places (see Psalm 34:18, 69:20, 109:16, Jeremiah 23:9). It is also clearly teaches that Jesus heals and cures the broken-hearted in Isaiah 61 and Luke 4. *To better understand these complexities and many more soulish elements then enroll in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center.

Devil Proof Your Life By Being of Sound Doctrine!

While in theological school, more then two decades ago, one of my favorite subjects was systematic theology. I always enjoyed wrapping my mind and heart around complex theological issues and apply them to the ministry. My favorite professor at the time was Dr. Luis Pantoja (many of my Filipino friends will recognize his name, as later in life, he was senior pastor of Greenhills Christian Fellowship in the Philippines). Luis made theology come alive and I came away with the importance of possessing sound doctrine.
In our modern Christianity we have a tremendous amount of fluff, of plastic Christianity. Many disciples running around to the next “cool” fad within the church. Most disciples are lacking any discernment and depth to understanding biblical theology. Thus you have many in the church incorporating New Age and Eastern Mystical ideas within the Body of Christ without any resistance. Why? Because the church is not of sound doctrine. In fact, the apostle Paul, while mentoring young Timothy, warned of this: “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers…” (see Second Timothy 4:3) Thus the need to be of sound doctrine (note: you can be open to the Holy Spirit and the miracles of God while still being of sound doctrine). Because so many are of unsound doctrine; everything under the sun has been introduced (and accepted) to the church without any discernment being put into action.
For example, in a recent exorcism in Vancouver, British Columbia, I encountered a demon named “Heresy.” The demon boasted to me how the ancestors were undiscerning and not of sound doctrine thus their acceptance of demonic practices and beliefs such as nature worship. Because the church lacked sound doctrine, demons stepped in and took advantage of the spiritual vacuum. Thus the need to be of sound doctrine. A good place to start? Begin with the essentials. Know your faith and be able prove it in the Scriptures. Namely the essentials: the Triune nature of God, the work and person of Christ (and knowing WHO you are IN HIM), justification of faith in Christ, and the trustworthiness of the Holy Scriptures. Be of sound doctrine and devil proof your life!