Powerful Exorcisms

God in His unlimited goodness allowed us to be part of some incredible miracles the past few nights. Last night we were up until 4am praying and assisting those in darkness. Those who were deaf & dumb (whom never have spoken) were delivered and healed…and SPOKE!

Just last night alone 1,974 evil spirits were expelled from a young lady. It was inspiring and mighty. However, we are not finished, there is 49,000 + evil spirits left. This lady had been involved in a satanic cult in Western Europe at a very early age.

Also, there were 4 ancient ancestral dissociative identities present. One was a infant that God gave the supernatural ability to speak. The infant part was from a infant from ancient Egypt BC as he was being sacrificed to Moloch, the infant fragmented and departed the body and traveled to various bodies before arriving to this young lady in Europe. There numerous spirits within the baby but they were cast out. One ancient ancestral part spoke in a very different distinct languages.