In the Book of Daniel, there is a specific angel mentioned, a watcher. An angel that is called upon God to “watch,” to “observe,” and to carry out other divine tasks. In the demonic angelic realm there are watchers of the fallen angel kind. These beings are tasked to watch & observe, generally, believers, in an attempt to obtain information. They are used by occultists throughout the globe. The church I serve at, a Methodist Church, had a few watchers. Often times the watchers seek a spiritual portal by which to attach themselves. In the case with the church they (the demons) used a 16 year old gang member, within the community, to mark, right out side the front doors, a satanic symbol, to permit a watcher to attach itself. I had discovered the very bizarre satanic symbol the other day and tore down, spiritually, the portal, with sacred oil. A demon within someone recently told me that it couldn’t utilize this particular portal ever since I used the holy oil.

So, why the watcher near the front doors?

Well, they desired to watch who entered the church and to observe the church’s activities. We have had demons within a half dozen people tell me the same thing–they are desiring to destroy the deliverance ministry within this church (we are but a few churches in America that holds weekly deliverance services). The watchers are reporting back to other demons our activities as they to plan our demise. But they have failed to stop us as this is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Watchers have been assigned to me to and have entered animals to observe me. It’s strange but not to those familiar with spiritual warfare.

Watchers, generally, look for portals, to attach themselves to. Be discerning and destory any located portals through a spiritual weapon. These watchers are defeated by the precious blood of the cross of Jesus.